Roxana Landivar

Roxana Landívar

Roxana Landívar (Guayaquil, 1997) is an Ecuadorian poet. Landívar’s poignant poems, characterized by their evocative imagery and exploration of human themes, have garnered wide acclaim. They have been published not only in her collections “Ciudades cemento” (2019) and “Fractura primaria” (2020) but also in distinguished magazines and anthologies across Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, and the United States. With her participation in various festivals and international book fairs, Landívar continues to enrich the Latin American literary sphere, reaching out to a broader audience, and shaping conversations around contemporary poetry.


Roxana Landívar, born in Guayaquil, Ecuador in 1997, is a multifaceted Latin American artist renowned for her poetry, feminist activism, and music. She is a Literature student at the University of Buenos Aires.

Literary Contributions

Landívar has made her mark in literature through her published poetry collections like “Ciudades cemento” (2019) and “Fractura primaria” (2020). Her illuminating poems, which intricately capture women’s identities and struggles, also feature in esteemed anthologies like “Pedir un deseo, prenderle fuego” and “Poesía No Consagrada.”

Participation in Fairs and Festivals

Her devotion to literature and arts is visible in her extensive participation in international fairs and festivals, including the Quito International Fair in both 2019 and 2020, the Independent Book Fair at the University of San Francisco in Quito, and the International Meeting of Ecuadorian Poetry, an event organized by the Ecuadorian American Cultural Center in New York. These experiences have increased Landívar’s visibility as an emerging poet. Additionally, her work in projects like “Chasquis: cartas entre escritores atravesados por la migración” enhances the transnational dialogue on migration.

Musical Endeavors and Art Curation

Landívar’s artistic talents stretch to the music realm with “Nika Turbina,” a feminist music group that harmonizes existentialist pop and neo-new romance genres. Her role as a curator and manager has seen her promote Ecuadorian art in Buenos Aires through “Línea imaginaria” and lead “Resistencia,” a feminist artistic space in Cuenca.


Poetry collections

  • Fractura primaria (La Caída, 2020)
  • Ciudades cemento (2019)

Additionally, she has contributed poems to the following anthologies:

  • Pedir un deseo, prenderle fuego (Ediciones Continente, Argentina)
  • Poesía No Consagrada (Ed. Granuja, México)

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