Gustavo Vallejo Larrea

Gustavo Vallejo Larrea

The Articulate Craftsmen of Ecuador’s 1945 Constitution

Gustavo Vallejo Larrea and Gabriel Cevallos García are given credit for their pivotal role in crafting the clear and eloquent language of the 1945 Ecuadorian Constitution. Their expertise ensured the document not only set out the legal framework but also eloquently expressed the nation’s ideals of justice, democracy, and human solidarity. Their contribution was crucial in making the Constitution a powerful reflection of Ecuador’s aspirations at the time, contributing to the Constitution’s clarity and the effective articulation of its principles.

Gustavo Vallejo Larrea’s Bust in Riobamba

Selected Works

  • La cantera (Tip. y Enc. La Buena Prensa del Chimborazo, 1930)
  • Poesia (Quito, 1971)
  • Antología de poetas Riobambeños (Departamento de Educación Municipal y Cultura Popular, 1963) – an anthology of various poets from Riobamba, Ecuador.

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