Gustavo Vásconez Hurtado

Gustavo Vásconez Hurtado

Gustavo Vásconez Hurtado (Quito, April 3, 1911 – Quito, 1988) was an Ecuadorian novelist, biographer and diplomat. After receiving his education in England, France and Switzerland, he returned to Ecuador in 1931. In 1934 he published his first novel Vivien Christie, and in 1940 Camino de las Landas. In 1944 he published his first biography Pluma de Acero o La Vida Novelesca de Juan Montalvo. He was a member of important literary and historical institutions such as the Bolivarian Society of Colombia, the Colombian Poetic Center, the Nariñense Academy of History, the Institute of Hispanic Culture, the Literary Legal Academy of Quito and the House of Ecuadorian Culture. In addition, he was president of the Society of Writers of Ecuador.



  • Vivien Christie (1931)
  • Camino de las Landas (1940)
  • Reloj de Agua (1958)
  • La Isla de los Gatos Negros (1973)


  • Pluma de Acero o La Vida Novelesca de Juan Montalvo (1940)
  • General Juan José Flores (1981)
  • El General Flores en Pasto (1985)


  • La Novela Indigenista en el Ecuador (1953)
  • Cartilla de divulgación ecuatoriana (1976), read it for free here.

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