Pedro Saad Herrería

Pedro Saad Herrería

Pedro Saad Herrería (Guayaquil, September 16, 1940 – Quito, June 6, 2014), was an Ecuadorian writer, filmmaker, politician, diplomat, historian and journalist. He was the son of the leader of the Communist Party of Ecuador, Pedro Saad Niyaim. He worked as a theater director, was a columnist for several print media and wrote several books throughout his life, such as Historias del pueblo de Guayaquil (2010), Ecuador un país en imágenes/Ecuador a Country in Images (2002, in Spanish/English bilingual edition), La caída de Abdalá (1997), among others. In April 2014, Saad received a tribute from the Voltaire Masonic Lodge at the House of Ecuadorian Culture in Quito and was awarded the Cultural Merit Medal, in recognition of his extensive and prolific intellectual career.


In politics, Saad was a militant of the Democratic Left (ID), he was also Secretary of Information in the government of President Rodrigo Borja Cevallos (1988-1992) and held the position of advisor to President Alfredo Palacio, he also served as Minister of Economy and diplomat.


Saad’s health deteriorated, living for years with a chronic lung disease that worsened, which led him to start a campaign against tobacco.1 4 On the morning of Friday, June 6, 2014, he died in Quito at 73 years old, from a cardiac arrest, his remains were cremated on the night of that day and transferred to the Benjamin Carrión Room of the House of Ecuadorian Culture in Quito, where he received several tributes.

Interview with Pedro Saad Herrería on the program La Caja de Pandora

Uploaded to YouTube in 2014 but appears to have been from some years earlier.

Homage to Pedro Saad Herrería

House of Ecuadorian Culture, 2014.

Selected works

  • La caída de Abdalá: un análisis actual (1997)
  • Ecuador, a country in images (2002, Spanish/English bilingual edition), you may read it for free here.
  • La caída de Mahuad (2000)
  • Toda la verdad sobre las armas del Cenepa (2000)
  • El libro negro de Lucio Gutiérrez: enero 2003/abril 2005 (2005)
  • La caída de Lucio: corajudos, jóvenes y forajidos (2005)
  • Veinticinco años de democracia en Ecuador (1979-2004) (2005)
  • Manuela Libertad (1983)
  • Historias del pueblo de Guayaquil (2010)

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