Kelver Ax

Kelver Ax

Kelver Ax, pseudonym of Kleber Ajila Vacacela (Loja, 1985 – January 18, 2016) was an Ecuadorian poet and plastic artist. His books include: “CU4D3RN0 D3 4R3N4” (2012), Pop-Up (2014), and posthumously “Egagrópilas” (2016), which won the first Alejandro Carrión National Poetry Contest. His work has appeared in national and international magazines as well as anthologies. In 2019, his collected works appeared in a book, “Su sombra como un mapa: obra reunida de Kelver Ax.” He was invited to several fairs and festivals such as FIL QUITO (Quito, 2012), Latino Poets (New York, 2015), and VI Poetry Festival (Lima, 2015). He was also an award-winning plastic artist whose work has been featured in galleries and cultural centers. He was and continues to be one of the most distinctive, powerful, and original artists of his country and of his time. He died in 1985 at the age of 30.


Documentary about the life of Kelver Ax

Documentary made for the XIII – Edition of the Cuenca Biennial, The Mutation of Art in a Materialistic Society. Uploaded to YouTube 2020.


  • CU4D3RN0 D3 4R3N4 (2012, CCE Loja)
  • Pop-Up (2014, Cascahuesos Editores)
  • Egagrópilas (2016, CCE Loja)
  • Su sombra como un mapa: obra reunida de Kelver Ax (2019, Mecánica Giratoria Editorial)

His poem was also included in the following anthology of 13 Ecuadorian poets

  • Arrarrau. Trece poemas de antiamor, desamor y amor, edited by Juan Pablo Crespo (2016, Editorial Turbina)

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