Kimrey Anna Batts

Kimrey Anna Batts

Kimrey Anna Batts (1983) is an American translator known for her exceptional work in translating the poetry and fiction of contemporary Ecuadorian authors, including Santiago Vizcaíno and César Eduardo Carrión. Originally from rural East Tennessee, she pursued her studies in Anthropology and Latin American Studies at the University of Michigan. In 2006, she made the decision to move to Ecuador, where her passion for literature and language flourished, leading her to embark on a successful career as a professional translator. Kimrey pursued a Master’s degree in Literary Translation at the University Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, further honing her skills and deepening her understanding of the craft. Her dedication and talent shine through in her published works, which have graced the pages of prestigious literary publications such as The Brooklyn Rail, Lunch Ticket, Bitter Oleander Review, Ezra, Cordite Poetry Review, Mantis, Asymptote, and Exchanges, among others. Currently, Kimrey resides in Mexico, continuing to contribute to the world of literary translation with her remarkable expertise and love for languages and literature.

Selected translations

  • Emboscada / Ambush
  • Matricide (Matar a mama)

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