Lily Pilataxi de Arenas

Lily Pilataxi de Arenas (Guayaquil, 1930) is an Ecuadorian author of children’s literature, poet, writer, journalist, diplomat and educator. As a feminist and advocate of women’s rights she authored “La Mujer y sus Derechos” [Women and their Rights] (1990). She has taught in Ecuador and Germany, and most recently served as rector of the Educational Unit Steiner (Unidad Educativa Steiner) in Guayaquil. Her teaching experiences in Germany (from 1963 to 1978) are chronicled in “Poema pedagógico No 2 y 3” [Pedagogical Poem Nos. 2 and 3]. Perhaps her most popular children’s story is “Doña cucaracha y la bolita de nieve” [Don︣a Cucaracha and the Snowball] (2010) which was translated into English, Geman and French. She has received numerous honors both inside and outside of Ecuador. She was awarded and designated an honorary member of The International Society of Poets, Writers, and Artists (SIPEA). As a journalist, she wrote an opinion column for El Universo newspaper for 30 years, and was also an opinion columnist for El Telégrafo. She has given lectures in the United States, Europe and Africa.


She studied at the Manuel Cañizares Normal School in Quito, at the Guayaquil School, and the Vicente Rocafuerte University-School of Diplomacy and International Law-University of Guayaquil-Faculty of Social Communication and Archeology in the Huerta Rendón Museum of the same and in the Pedagogical Center of Lúneburg.


  • Juan Montalvo Award – The Grand Cross in the Grade of Chancellor by the government of the Ecuador – Ministry of Ecuador.
  • Decorations by the Ecuadorian National Congress
  • Prize in Pedagogy from the Foundation of Art and Culture, Inc. Miami
  • Prize in the International Literary Contest of Latin America, USA and Canada for writers.
  • In 2019 she was honored by the Iberoamerican Society of Poets and Writers (Sipea


Children’s stories
  • La campanita de cristal (2002, 2nd edition 2006)
  • El llanto del delfín (2006, and English 2006)
  • Doña cucaracha y la bolita de nieve (2010, translated to English, German, and French)
  • Quisieron ser libres (2014)
  • La Mujer y sus Derechos, 1990
  • A Medio Siglo de la ONU,1995
  • Un destino, Nicaragua
  • Revalorización de la Educación,1993
  • Poema Pedagógico Nº 1, 2012
  • Poema Pedagógico Nº 2 y 3, 2013
  • Poema Pedagógico Nº 4, 2008

As co-author

  • Corrientes Pedagógicas de la Educación Ecuatoriana, 1995
  • Mujeres de dos siglos, 2002


  • La Aventura, 2005

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