Little Girl from My Neighborhood by Inés Márquez Moreno

Little Girl from My Neighborhood

Little girl, so sad,
Your fifteen years of pink,
They beg for love;
You wander through life
Dressed in mourning,
With a white bodice
Over small breasts
And lips that claim
Not knowing how to kiss.

Your cheeks, pale
Like half moons,
Suffer the fainting
Of waves in the sea…!

Musical, light,
You steal from the evening
Its twilight glow,
And at night you wait,
Head bowed and alone,
For the stars
To grant you clarity.

How beautiful you appear
In the mornings
When you’ve been kissed by the sun!
And the voice of a dream
That could never be
Whispers in your ear:
“I love you, woman”…!

Original Spanish Version

Muchachita de mi Barrio

Muchachita triste
Tus quince años rosa,
Te piden amor;
Te vas por la vida
Vestida de duelo,
Con blanco corpiño
De pequeños senos
Y labios que dicen
No saber besar.

Tus mejillas pálidas
Como medias lunas
Tienen los desmayos
De olas en el mar…!

Musical, liviana,
Robas a la tarde
Luz crepuscular,
Y a la noche esperas
Cabizbaja y sola
A que las estrellas
Te den claridad.

Qué bella apareces
Cuando las mañanas
Te ha besado el sol!
Y la voz de un sueño
Que no puede ser
Te dice al oído:
‘Yo te amo, mujer’…!

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