Margarita Dager-Uscocovich

Margarita Dager-Uscocovich

Margarita Dager-Uscocovich (Guayaquil, October 31, 1967) is an Ecuadorian fiction writer, poet, and columnist. Her debut novel, “No es tiempo de morir” was published in Spanish in 2018 and in English in 2019. Her second novel “Las queremos vivas” (2021), deals with the global trafficking of women, and has Guayaquil and Charlotte, N.C as settings. Her short stories and micro-stories have been published in Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay and the United States. Her poems have been published in the online magazine She is a columnist for the Destinos section of the online magazine La Nota Latina in Miami, FL and Revista Latina NC. She currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina.


Margarita Dager-Uscocovich was born in Guayaquil, Ecuador to a couple from two different cultural backgrounds, a Lebanese father and a Spanish-Portuguese mother. She began writing for the school newspaper when she was twelve years old and later became the editor of the Urdesa High School Newspaper in 1983. She has lived in Europe and America, and currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina, where she has lived for over 10 years.


Breezin’ with Bierman: A Podcast. Margarita Dager-Uscocovich. Episode 15.
Adam Bierman talks to Margarita Dager-Uscocovich a native Ecuadorian who is a poet, activist, and author, who recently released her second book “It’s Not Time To Die”. The book focuses on the struggles, trials, and tribulations to the current and brutal civil war raging on in Syria. Uploaded to YouTube on Jul 16, 2021.
Promotional video for the novel “No es tiempo de morir.”
Uploaded to YouTube on Nov 7, 2018.
Margarita Dager-Uscocovich talks to the Artist Studio Project about her participation in Cuentos para Gabo #2, a literary event paying tribute to Gabriel Garcia Marquez.
Margarita Dager-Uscocovich – Reads her poem “Amor Sin Democracia”
Uploaded to YouTube on Feb 18, 2016.
Margarita Dager-Uscocovich interview about her novel “No es tiempo de morir”
Uploaded to YouTube on Apr 6, 2019.
Margarita Dager-Uscocovich speaks about her novel “Las queremos vivas”
Uploaded to YouTube on May 7, 2021.
Margarita Dager Uscocovich interview – the author speaks about her book “No es tiempo de morir”
Streamed live on YouTube on Sep 24, 2019
Alfredo Del Arroyo interviews Margarita Dager Uscocovich
Uploaded to YouTube on Apr 26, 2019
Margarita Dager Uscocovich on Migrantes en Vuelo
Uploaded to YouTube on May 18, 2021
Voces – Voices episodio 4 Margarita Dager-Uscocovich
Uploaded to YouTube Jan 20, 2022.


  • No es tiempo de morir (2018) – English translation: It’s Not Time To Die (2019)
  • Las queremos vivas (2021)
Selected short stories
  • Amá Teresa
  • Cien cepilladas
  • Muerte en el castillo del Morón
  • La tía Carmela y los helados de paila
  • Bajo el árbol de acacia
  • Sortilegio en el Rincón de los Suspiros
  • Sentimientos de Verano

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