Margarita Laso

Margarita Laso

Margarita Laso (Quito, July 20. 1963) is an Ecuadorian writer, editor, singer, and music producer. She has dedicated herself to the interpretation of songs based on traditional and regional genres of Ecuador, she has recorded pasillos, boleros, tangos, Christmas songs, and traditional Ecuadorian music. She has produced over 12 records and has authored several poetry books. In 1997, her poetry book, “El trazo de las cobras” won the Jorge Carrera Andrade Prize. She has worked as a columnist for the newspaper Hoy.


Margarita Laso, born in the city of Quito on July 20, 1963, is a prominent figure in the fields of music and literature in Ecuador. This talented writer, singer, and producer has made a profound impact on the local and national artistic scene, with a career spanning traditional and regional Ecuadorian genres, excelling in pasillos, boleros, traditional Ecuadorian music, and more. Throughout her life, she has garnered numerous recognitions and achievements, establishing herself as an influential figure in her country and beyond.

Artistic Journey

Margarita Laso immersed herself in the world of music from an early age, inspired by the songs her father used to sing, including tangos, boleros, and Ecuadorian tunes. At the age of eight, she began her piano studies and later learned to play the guitar. Her passion for singing led her to receive vocal training from teacher Blanca Hauser, marking the beginning of her musical career.

In 1989, Margarita offered her first solo performance, and since then, she has delighted Ecuadorian audiences with a wide range of musical genres, including boleros, Latin American and traditional Ecuadorian music, Christmas carols, and tangos, among others.

In addition to her musical career, Margarita Laso has worked as an editor for various publications and has published four books of poetry. Her literary talent was recognized with the prestigious Jorge Carrera Andrade National Poetry Award in 1997 for her work “El trazo de las cobras.” She also serves as a columnist for the Quito newspaper “Hoy.”


  • Jorge Carrera Andrade Poetry Prize (1997)


Margarita Lasso at Poetry event “Poetry in Parallel 0”

Poetry in Parallel 0, Uploaded to YouTube 2012

Margarita Laso performing a song titled Desdichas

Uploaded to YouTube in 2022.


  • Erosonera (1991)
  • Queden en la lengua mis deseos (1994)
  • El trazo de las cobras (1997)
  • Los lobos desarmados (2004)
  • La fiera consecuente (2012)
  • Crónica de sueños
  • De la ferocidad y el crujido (Mario Bojórquez)
  • El camal de los Leones

Music Albums

  • Rosas Rojas
  • Luna desnuda (1992), boleros y canciones de amor.
  • Canciones de cuna y villancicos (1997), canciones navideñas.
  • Apostemos que me caso (1998), canciones ecuatorianas.
  • Cómo me gustas (1999), boleros y canciones de amor.
  • Gallito verde (2000), villancicos latinoamericanos.
  • Vivir en este Carpuela (2001), canciones ecuatorianas.
  • Más bueno que el pan (2002), clásicos de la canción nacional.
  • Manito de Cera (2004), canciones navideñas latinoamericanas.
  • El Canelazo (2005), canciones ecuatorianas.
  • Garganta con arena (2006), tangos.
  • Fiesta en navidad (2009), canciones navideña
  • Corazoncito (2010), canciones ecuatorianas.
  • Allá te Esperaré (2016), canciones ecuatorianas


  • Piel De Trigo (1991)


  • 2000 – Gallito Verde. (Christmas Carol)
  • 2009 – Vivir en este Carpuela (Ecuadorian songs)
  • 2009 – Manito de Cera. (Christmas Latinoamericans songs)
  • 2009 – Garganta con Arena. (Tangos)
  • 2009 – Corazoncito. (Ecuadorian songs)

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