Máxima Angulo Borja

Máxima Angulo Borja

Máxima Angulo Borja, born in San Lorenzo, Esmeraldas, is an Ecuadorian poet. Her poetry is deeply rooted in personal experiences and activism, exploring themes of Afro-Ecuadorian identity. In 2018, Angulo published her book “Pininos Literarios” through the House of Ecuadorian Culture of Esmeraldas. This work delves into Afro-Ecuadorian culture, incorporating mythological characters such as La Tunda, El Riviel, and La Gualgura to emphasize their cultural significance. The book also pays tribute to the marimba, a traditional musical instrument in Esmeraldas. Angulo’s writing resonates with readers through its accessible language and vivid descriptions, shedding light on social realities and preserving ancestral customs. Currently residing in Muisne, a coastal town in the southwest of Esmeraldas province in northwestern Ecuador, Máxima Angulo Borja works as a literature and language teacher at Unidad Educativa Muisne.

About Máxima Angulo Borja

Máxima Angulo Borja is a writer from Esmeraldas, Ecuador. She is known for her poetry that combines traditional metrics with the expressions and cultural elements of the Afro-Ecuadorian people. Through her poems, she shares personal experiences from her artistic endeavors and activism in defense of the rights of Afro-Ecuadorians.

Angulo’s interest in poetry began during her time as a student at Eleodoro Ayala School and 10 de Agosto School in San Lorenzo, a town located on the border with Colombia. Her passion for the art form led her to pursue a degree in Language and Literature at the Technical University Luis Vargas Torres in Esmeraldas.

Her poetic work often explores themes such as Afro-Ecuadorian identity, the social situation of the land, and dreams and anecdotes of a black woman in love. Angulo’s poems employ a simple and descriptive language that resonates with her audience.

In her writings, Angulo incorporates mythical characters from Esmeraldas’ folklore, such as La Tunda, El Riviel, and La Gualgura. She also pays tribute to the marimba, a traditional Afro-Ecuadorian musical instrument that holds great cultural significance.

Angulo’s poetry not only delves into personal and cultural experiences but also addresses broader social issues. For instance, she reflects on events like the earthquake that struck Ecuador on April 16, 2016. In her poem titled “Muisne 7.8,” she shares her own experience during the earthquake and captures the emotions and experiences of the islanders on that fateful night.

Through her literary work, Angulo aims to provide a deeper understanding of the Afro-Ecuadorian community, their customs, beliefs, and historical experiences. She believes that conveying history through lyrical poetry enables a closer connection with younger generations and helps preserve the ancestral heritage of Esmeraldas.

In 2018, Angulo published a poetry collection entitled, “Pininos Literarios” and has an unpublished anthology consisting of 83 poems. Her writing has contributed to the literary scene in Esmeraldas, which has seen a surge in poetry with social and cultural themes over the past decade.


Máxima Angulo Borja pursued her education with a focus on language and literature. She studied at the Universidad Técnica Luis Vargas Torres in Esmeraldas, Ecuador, where she completed her degree in Lengua y Literatura (Language and Literature).

Angulo’s interest in poetry began during her school days, specifically at the Eleodoro Ayala School and later at the 10 de Agosto School in San Lorenzo, which is located on the border with Colombia. It was during this time that she discovered her passion for poetry and decided to further explore the field by pursuing higher education.

By studying Language and Literature, Angulo gained a deeper understanding of the literary arts and honed her skills as a writer. Her academic background provided her with the necessary tools to explore different literary techniques, analyze works of literature, and develop her own unique voice and style.


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