María Belén Muñoz

María Belén Muñoz Menéndez (El Carmen, Ecuador) is an Ecuadorian poet, writer, cultural promoter, professor, and Agricultural Engineer with a Master’s degree in Environmental Development. She has held positions such as the Coordinator of the Culture Department at the Universidad Laica Eloy Alfaro de Manabí, Campus “El Carmen,” where she contributed her expertise as a university teacher. Her talents and accomplishments led to her participation as part of the delegation of Ecuadorian writers at the prestigious International Book Fair in Cuba in 2011. Furthermore, she was actively involved with the International Art Group “Plaza XXI,” serving as the National Coordinator for the Ecuador Chapter. María Belén also played a significant role as the president of the House of Culture in the canton of El Carmen.

Organizations or institutions she has belonged to

  • Department of Culture at ULEAM, Campus “El Carmen”
  • International Art Group “Plaza XXI,” Ecuador Chapter
  • House of Culture of El Carmen Canton
  • Delegation of Ecuadorian writers (participated in the International Book Fair, Cuba, 2011)


María Belén Muñoz Menéndez pursued higher education to expand her knowledge and expertise. She holds a degree in Agricultural Engineering and a Master’s degree in Environmental Development. Furthermore, she engaged in additional academic pursuits, including a diploma in Higher Education by Competencies. Around 2012, She embarked on a doctoral journey in Environmental Sciences (Ph.D.) at Marta Abreu University of Las Villas in Cuba, although it’s important to note that the current status of her Ph.D. completion is unknown.

Selected works

  • El Amor (2010)
  • Confesiones a mar abierto
  • Ecuador en sus pupilas

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