Nelson Jaramillo Mora

Nelson Jaramillo Mora

Nelson Jaramillo Mora (Zaruma, El Oro, Ecuador, circa 1930-2017) was an Ecuadorian writer and archaeologist. He worked as a professor of history and civics for over 35 years. Jaramillo Mora wrote short stories, essays, biographies, poems and books on history and archeology.


His father was Victor Jaramillo, a mechanic, and his mother was a house wife. He had 9 siblings. He was married to Berta Espinosa and they had a daughter named Patricia Jaramillo.

Selected works

  • Acuarelas de mi pueblo (1981; poetry)
  • Desde otros lares (2017; poetry)
  • Apuntes prehistóricos de Zaruma (1980; archeology)
  • Poesias y relatos (2006; poetry and prose)
Name structure variations
  • Nelson Alfonso Jaramillo Mora
  • Nelson A. Jaramillo Mora
  • Nelson Jaramillo Mora

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