Ney Yépez Cortés

Ney Yépez Cortés

Ney Yépez Cortés (Quito, 1968) is an Ecuadorian novelist, poet, journalist, songwriter, screenwriter, lecturer, and teacher of Tai Chi, Reiki and Qi Gong. He is best known as a science fiction, adventure and mystery writer. He published his first poems in 1990 in Ixo Facto, a surrealist literary magazine. He has since written 5 novels and 3 books of short stories. In 2001 he published his first book of short stories entitled “Mundos abiertos,” which was critically acclaimed. In 2006 he published his first novel “Las sombras de la Casa Mitre,” and 2009 he published its sequel “El árbol de las brujas.” His latest novel “El secreto de la reliquia sagrada,” a work of adventure and mystery, was published in 2019.

Awards and recognition

  • 1991: First Place in a poetry competition organized by Ecuador’s Federation of University Students (FEUE).
  • 1993: First Place as writer and director in a short-video competition for his short feature, Azulinaciones, based on the novel by Natasha Salguero.
  • 1998: Third place in an international science fiction contest known as “Nébula” for a short story of his.


He studied journalism at the Central University of Ecuador.



  • Mundos abiertos (2001; short stories), read a preview for free here.
  • Historias ocultas (2003; short stories)
  • Las sombras de la casa Mitre (2006; novel), read a preview for free here.
  • El árbol de las brujas (2009; novel)
  • Crónicas Intraterrestres en la cueva de Los Tayos (2011; novel)
  • La vuelta del músico (2013; short stories)
  • El águila y la dama tapada (2016; novel)
  • El secreto de la reliquia sagrada (2019; novel)


Cuadernos olvidados (1989; poetry)

Manuals on Eastern philosophy and practices

  • Tui Na Shou Fa – la técnica de manos
  • Chi Kung – el arte de la energía vital
  • Meditación y Visualización
  • El poder de los Mudras
  • Iniciación Reiki Do
  • Feng Shui de la escuela Bagua
  • Reiki Qigong – tratamientos avanzados
As a musician-composer, he has performed compositions in different musical genres and has edited the following works:
  • “Dama Tapada” (hard rock – progressive), 2016
  • “Past and Present” (acoustic rock – folk), 2014
  • “Biography” (rock – pop – progressive), 2011
  • “Bamboo Spirit” (new age), 2008
  • “Guided Meditations” (new age), 2006
  • “Mantra Live” (alternative rock), 2001
  • “Ney and Disconnected” (acoustic rock – folk), 1997
  • “Intrigo” (acoustic rock – folk), 1993
  • “Duo Vadis” (acoustic rock – folk), 1987

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