Octavio Cordero Palacios

Octavio Cordero Palacios

Octavio Cordero Palacios (Santa Rosa, Azuay, May 3, 1870 – December 17, 1930) was a writer, playwright, poet, lawyer, judge, politician, mathematician, translator, teacher and inventor. Among his plays are Gazul (1890), Los Hijos de Atahualpa (1891) and Los Borrachos (1892). Today the town in which he was born bears his name.


  • Gazul (1890), read it for free: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4. Read an English translation here.
  • Los Hijos de Atahualpa (1891)
  • Los Borrachos (1892)
  • Vida de Abdón Calderón (1916), a biography of the legendary young hero of the Battle of Pichincha. Read it for free here.
  • De Potencia a Potencia (1922)
  • El Quechua y el Cañari (1923),  a philological study of Quechua and Cañari languages, with a Cañari Dictionary, which was awarded “La Palma de Oro” Prize
  • El Azuay Histórico
  • Protomebamba y sus Crónicas Documentadas para la Historia de Cuenca (1924)
  • La Poesía de Ciencia (1929)


  • El Cuervo, a Spanish translation of Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven.
  • Rapsodias Clásicas, a Spanish translation of works by Virgil and Horace.

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