Próspero Pérez García

Próspero Pérez García

Próspero Pérez García (Jipijapa, December 8, 1905 – unknown) was a journalist, writer, and historian from Jipijapa. He dedicated his life to researching and writing about the history of his hometown. His works include “Cincuenta años del incendio de Jipijapa” and “Jipijapa a través de los siglos,” among others. As a journalist, Próspero Pérez served as a correspondent for several newspapers. In addition, he documented the old Jipijapa through his captivating photographs, which have been showcased in photographic exhibitions organized by the National Institute of Cultural Heritage (INPC). His contributions earned him recognition from institutions and organizations both during his lifetime and posthumously. His book on the fire of Jipijapa inspired the town’s anthem. Pérez’s adoptive daughter, Martha Luzardo, currently resides in the house where Próspero Pérez García lived and preserves his works. His writings continue to serve as a valuable resource for writers, journalists, and educators discussing Jipijapa’s history. Próspero Pérez remains a significant figure in the historical narrative of Jipijapa.


Próspero Pérez García was married to Efigenia Reyes Burgos. Together, they had a daughter named María Pérez Reyes. Additionally, Martha Luzardo Loor was his adoptive daughter.


Próspero Pérez García excelled as a journalist, contributing to multiple newspapers and magazines. He served as a correspondent for Diario El Globo in Bahía de Caráquez, El Mercurio in Manta, La Nación in Guayaquil, El Comercio in Quito, El Diario Manabita, and even wrote for international publications like La Hacienda of Buffalo, New York. His writings focused on Jipijapa, delving into its history, culture, and community. Through his articles and chronicles, Pérez shared valuable insights into the town’s past and present, capturing its essence and contributing to its collective memory.


His roles indicate his involvement in local governance, administration, and civic affairs, showcasing his dedication and service to the community. Among his posts were:

  • Secretary of the Governorate
  • Comisario Municipal (Municipal Commissioner)
  • Jefe del Registro Civil (Chief of Civil Registry)
  • Presidente de la Junta de Recursos Hidráulicos (President of the Board of Hydraulic Resources)


  • Cincuenta años del incendio de Jipijapa (1937)
  • Resumen histórico de Jipijapa (1956)
  • Jipijapa a través de los siglos (1962)
  • Un hallazgo histórico (1970)
  • Relatos protohistóricos y prehistóricos de la antigua provincia de Jipijapa (Part 1) (1965) – Read it for free here.
  • Relatos protohistóricos y prehistóricos de la antigua provincia de Jipijapa (Part 2) (1970)


Some of the details included in this post are thanks to the research of Elba Luzardo in an article published in Huari Magazine titled “Próspero Pérez: Escribió la Historia de Jipijapa” Published on Oct 15, 2020.

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