Libertad Regalado Espinoza

Dr. Libertad Regalado Espinoza (Jipijapa, April 26, 1956) is a Numerary Member of the National Academy of History of Ecuador. She is a pedagogue, writer, and researcher. She has written books, scientific articles, and works related to history and intangible cultural manifestations of the coastal peoples of Ecuador, particularly Manabí. Her notable works include “Manabí y su comida milenaria” (Manabí and Its Ancient Cuisine, 2008-2029), “Las hebras que tejieron nuestra historia” (The Threads that Wove Our History, 2010), “Identidad e indigenismo en Manabí” (Identity and Indigenism in Manabí, 2016), “Santa Ana madre del río Grande” (Santa Ana, Mother of the Great River, 2019), and “The amorfino manifestación cutltural del pueblo montuvio” (El Amorfino, Cultural Manifestation of the Montuvio People, 2019). She has worked on various consultancies and has participated in national and international congresses. In 2020, the National Assembly of Ecuador awarded her the “Dra. Matilde Hidalgo de Prócel” decoration.

Her parents

Libertad Regalado Espinosa’s parents played significant roles in her upbringing and their influence shaped her values and career choices. Here is some information about her mother and father:

  • Her father, Jorge Regalado, hailed from Carchi and was a respected teacher of exact sciences. He worked at the “Abelardo Moncayo” school and other educational institutions in Ecuador. Known for his dedication to teaching, he also served as a councilor and the mayor of the Antonio Ante Canton. His contributions to education and community development were honored with a bust erected in his name on one of the avenues in Atuntaqui.
  • Her mother, Enma Espinoza, is a distinguished woman from Atuntaqui who celebrated her 95th birthday. Enma Espinoza dedicated her life to serving the elderly as she actively participated in the Asilo de Ancianos “San Vicente de Paúl” (Elderly Home). She founded the volunteer association bearing the same name and served as its president for several terms. Enma instilled in Libertad Regalado Espinosa a deep sense of compassion for vulnerable groups, fostering her commitment to community service.

The influence of her father’s passion for teaching and her mother’s dedication to serving others undoubtedly played a crucial role in Libertad Regalado Espinosa’s choice to become an educator and advocate for the culture and arts of Manabí.

Education and teaching career

Libertad Regalado Espinoza followed in her father’s footsteps by pursuing a career as a teacher. Her father, Jorge Regalado, played a significant role in her upbringing and education. He encouraged her to strive for excellence and introduced her to literature, including the works of authors like Fiódor Dostoyevski. This upbringing influenced Libertad to become not only a school teacher but also a university professor. With her passion for education and her dedication to imparting knowledge, she followed in her father’s footsteps, embracing the teaching profession and making a significant impact on the lives of her students throughout her 50-year career in the field of education.

She holds diplomas in Language and Literature, a master’s degree in Business Administration, and a doctorate in Pedagogical Sciences. With a teaching career spanning 50 years, she has made significant contributions to education in both school and university settings. Regalado has been involved in curriculum design and implementation, emphasizing academic excellence and demanding quality and accuracy. Her expertise and dedication have earned her recognition, including the Matilde Hidalgo medal from the National Assembly of Ecuador in 2020.

Here are some highlights:
  • Started her educational path as a Rural Teacher at the “Alfredo Pérez Guerrero” Normal School in San Pablo del Lago, Imbabura.
  • Became a Professor of Media Education in Language and Literature at UTPL (Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja).
  • Earned a Bachelor’s degree in Social and Political Sciences from “Eloy Alfaro” Laica University in Manabí.
  • Obtained a Law degree and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the Escuela Politécnica del Litoral.
  • Completed a Ph.D. in Pedagogical Sciences from the “Ignacio Agramonte Loynaz” University in Camaguey, Cuba.
  • Participated in numerous courses and seminars to enhance her skills and contribute to community service.

Libertad Regalado’s Book and UNESCO’s Recognition of Panama Hat Weaving

Libertad Regalado Espinoza’s book, “Las hebras que tejieron nuestra historia” (The Strands that Wove Our History), focuses on the traditional craft of weaving using paja toquilla, the material used in Panama hats. Through extensive research and documentation, Regalado highlights the intricate techniques and cultural importance of Panama hat weaving. Her work significantly contributed to raising awareness about the craftsmanship and cultural heritage associated with Panama hats. As a result, paja toquilla weaving was recognized as an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 2012.

Libertad Regalado’s Journey with Amorfinos

Amorfinos are traditional poetic expressions or verses in Ecuadorian culture. They consist of improvised rhymes and witty exchanges between two individuals, often in a humorous and flirtatious manner. Amorfinos are deeply rooted in the rural traditions of Ecuador, particularly in the coastal region.

Libertad Regalado Espinoza has a strong connection to amorfinos. She is currently involved in a research project alongside sociologist Wílmer Suárez that focuses on the cultural value of amorfinos. Their goal is to have these coastal songs, comprising over 5,000 chants, recognized as a cultural heritage of the country. The project is sponsored by the Prefectura, which is responsible for supporting the declaration process and other necessary procedures.

Through her research and dedication to preserving and promoting Ecuadorian cultural traditions, Libertad Regalado is actively contributing to the preservation and recognition of amorfinos as an important aspect of the country’s intangible cultural heritage.


  • Presea Matilde Hidalgo: Conferred by the National Assembly of Ecuador in 2020.
  • Recognition of Paja Toquilla Weaving: Libertad Regalado’s research on paja toquilla weaving contributed to the recognition of this traditional craft as an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 2012.


Date unknown. Uploaded to YouTube 2015.
Date unknown. Uploaded to YouTube in 2021.


Short stories:
  • Palabras sumergidas (Universidad Laica “Eloy Alfaro” de Manabí, 1993)


  • “Evaróticas” (Year unknown)
  • “Manabí una historia de toquilla” (Year unknown)
  • “Manabí y su comida milenaria” (1990)
  • “Las hebras que tejieron nuestra historia” (2010)
  • “Modelo educativo” (2016)
  • “Amor fino, manifestación cultural del montubio” (2019)
  • “Identidad e indigenismo en Manabí” (Year unknown)
  • “El amorfino manifestación cultural del pueblo montuvio” (Year unknown)
  • Santa Ana: Madre del Río Grande (Authors: Libertad Regalado Espinoza, Wilmer Suárez Velásquez Publisher: Gobierno Autónomo Descentralizado Municipal del Cantón Santa Ana, Santa Ana, Ecuador Year: 2019).
  • El poder del spondylus y el ceviche de los dioses (Year unknown)
  • La arqueología y la historia en el estudio de la identidad manabita (Year unknown)

Name variations

  • Libertad Regalado Espinoza
  • Enma Libertad Regalado de Manrique

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