Rafael Lugo

Rafael Lugo Naranjo

Rafael Lugo Naranjo (Quito, 1972) is an Ecuadorian writer and lawyer. He is a litigator in the courts and tribunals of Ecuador and the author of a book of short stories, five novels, two books of chronicles and many articles published in different media. Among his best-known works are the novels in the trilogy Trilogía de Quito, which include: Veinte (2008), 7 (2012) and 207 (2017). Critics have also praised his most recent novels Tripa mistic (2019) and Tripa mistic II (2022).


He earned his law degree from the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador.


Interview in a program called Castigo Divino. Uploaded to YouTube 2018.
Interview in a program called Cafe la Posta. Uploaded to YouTube 2019.
Interview in a program called Alegria de vivir. Uploaded to YouTube 2020.


With his parents, Mercedes Naranjo Iturralde and Oswaldo Lugo Camacho, in early 1973.

His wife Gabriela Maizel and his sons Elias, Ariel and David, 2014.

Selected works

  • Abraza la Oscuridad (2007, short stories)
  • Veinte (2008, novel)
  • AL DENTE (2010, selection of articles)
  • 7 (2012, novel)
  • Las 50 sombras del Buey (2014, selection of articles)
  • 207 (novel)
  • Tripa mistic (2019, novel)
  • Tripa mistic II (2022, novel)

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