Raúl Andrade Moscoso

Raúl Andrade Moscoso

Raúl Andrade Moscoso (Quito, October 4, 1905 – Quito, September 10, 1983) was an Ecuadorian journalist and dramatist. As a journalist, Andrade travelered throughout Mexico and Colombia, where he worked for the newspaper El Tiempo (Bogota, Colombia), and published his book “La internacional negra en Colombia,” a collection of articles on the crisis in Colombia. He was also the editor of El Comercio from 1954-1982. As a dramatist, Andrade published “Suburbio,” a romantic evocation on the suburbs of Quito. In 1983 the president of Ecuador conferred on Andrade the Eugenio Espejo Prize in Culture.

Awards and Acknowledgements

Andrade received the following decorations for his merits:

  • “Al Merito” (Ecuador)
  • “Orden de San Carlos” (Colombia)
  • “Comendador de la Orden de Leopoldo” (Belgium)
  • In 1983 the president of Ecuador conferred on Andrade the Eugenio Espejo Award in Culture

Interesting facts

  • His uncle Robert Andrade (the second of 14 siblings made up of 7 men and 7 women) took part in the successful plot to assassinate President Gabriel Garcia Moreno on August 6, 1875.
  • He started writing articles for El Telégrafo in 1923 under the pen name Carlos Riga.

Selected works

  • Suburbio (1931), a comedy in two acts
  • Cocktails, a compilation of literary and political articles published in La Mañana and Zumbambico newspapers.
  • Gobelinos de Niebla (1937)
  • El Perfil de la Quimera (1951)
  • La Internacional Negra en Colombia y otros ensayos (1954)
  • Julio Andrade, Crónica de una Vida Heroica (1962)
  • El pérfil de la quimera: siete ensayos literarios (1981)
  • Claraboya (1990)
  • Viñetas del mentidero (1993)
  • Obra selecta (2009), Prologue by Juan Andrade Heymarm, Biography by Efraín Villacís
  • Treinta claraboyas cuarenta años después (2009)

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