Raúl Serrano Sánchez

Early Life and Education

Raúl Serrano Sánchez, born on December 17, 1962, in Arenillas, Ecuador, embarked on his literary journey from a young age. His passion for literature was nurtured in the culturally rich environment of the El Oro province. Sánchez pursued higher education at the Universidad Central del Ecuador, where he studied social communication, laying the groundwork for his future literary endeavors. His academic journey continued with a master’s degree in Latin American Literature at the Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar, further honing his skills and knowledge in the field.

Literary Career

Sánchez’s career is marked by a blend of writing, teaching, and editorial work. His diverse roles as a writer, essayist, literary critic, and journalist have significantly shaped the literary landscape of Ecuador. He has published numerous works, including short stories, essays, and a novel, showcasing his versatility and depth as a writer.

His literary portfolio includes esteemed works such as “Las mujeres están locas por mí,” a collection of short stories that reveals his keen insight into human nature, and “Un pianista entre la niebla,” a novel that intertwines complex characters and narratives. These works not only exhibit his storytelling prowess but also reflect his deep understanding of Ecuadorian society and culture.

Sánchez’s contributions extend beyond writing. As a university professor at the Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar, he has influenced many young minds, fostering a new generation of writers and thinkers. His involvement in various editorial roles and literary journals, such as Eskeletra, Pie de página, and Kipus, demonstrates his commitment to the broader literary community.

Awards and Recognition

Sánchez’s literary excellence has been recognized with multiple awards. Notably, he received the prestigious Joaquín Gallegos Lara Prize in 1997, a testament to his outstanding contributions to Ecuadorian literature. In 2015, he was honored with the National Angel F. Rojas Novel Prize, further solidifying his status as a prominent literary figure. The Manuela Sáenz Prize in 2014 is another feather in his cap, acknowledging his unique voice and impact on Ecuadorian literature.

  • First Prize, Short Story Contest, Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana, El Oro Branch, 1982: This award marks an early recognition of his talent in short story writing.
  • First Prize, National Short Story Contest, Floral Games, Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana, Tungurahua Branch, Ambato, 1988: This national award further established his reputation in the Ecuadorian literary community.
  • Third Prize in the National Short Story Contest, for the 75th Anniversary of Diario El Universo (newspaper), 1996: A notable achievement, marking his recognition by one of Ecuador’s leading newspapers.
  • Winner of the National Joaquín Gallegos Lara Prize, 1997: One of the most prestigious literary awards in Ecuador, acknowledging his significant contribution to Ecuadorian literature.
  • Third Prize in the Pablo Palacio Short Story Biennial, Quito, 2003: A biennial award that recognizes outstanding short stories, highlighting his continuous presence in the literary scene.
  • Second Prize, National Short Story Contest, Revista Hogar, Guayaquil, 2004: A testament to his consistent excellence in short story writing.
  • First Honorable Mention in the National Luis Félix López Literature Contest, Guayaquil, 2012: Honoring his literary prowess in a national context.
  • National Manuela Sáenz Prize, Municipality of Quito, 2014: This award recognized his contributions to Ecuadorian culture and literature, particularly honoring his work on Manuela Sáenz.
  • National Ángel F. Rojas Novel Prize, Casa de la Cultura, Guayas Branch, 2015: A significant national award for his novel, further establishing him as a prominent novelist in Ecuador.

Contribution to Literature and Culture

Apart from his original works, Sánchez has played a pivotal role in promoting and preserving Ecuadorian literature. He has edited and introduced works by other prominent Ecuadorian authors, bridging the gap between generations of writers. His efforts in compiling and editing anthologies have been crucial in bringing Ecuadorian literature to a broader audience, both nationally and internationally.

Sánchez’s engagement with literary journals and his editorial work have provided a platform for emerging and established writers, fostering a vibrant literary culture in Ecuador. His critical essays and reviews have not only enriched literary discourse but have also provided insightful perspectives on various works and authors.


  • Los días enanos, cuentos (1990): A collection of short stories that mark his early narrative style and themes.
  • Las mujeres están locas por mí, cuentos (1997): An acclaimed short story collection, winner of the Diario El Universo Prize and National Joaquín Gallegos Lara Prize.
  • Pedro Jorge Vera: Los amigos y los años: Correspondencia, 1930-1980 (2002): A compilation of correspondence offering insights into Pedro Jorge Vera’s life.
  • Alfredo Pareja Diezcanseco: Homenaje en el centenario de su natalicio 1908-2008 (2008): A tribute to Alfredo Pareja Diezcanseco, marking his birth centennial.
  • En la ciudad se ha perdido un novelista: La narrativa de Vanguardia de Humberto Salvador (2009): An essay on Humberto Salvador’s avant-garde narrative.
  • Catálogo de ilusiones, cuentos (2006; reedited 2010): A collection of short stories, reissued in Buenos Aires in 2010.
  • Manuela Sáenz: el tiempo me justificará (2010): A thematic anthology centered on Manuela Sáenz.
  • Jorge Icaza, Pablo Palacio y las vanguardias latinoamericanas (2010): Co-authored with Alicia Ortega Caicedo, discussing Latin American avant-garde movements.
  • Lo que ayer parecía nuestro, cuentos (2013): A collection of short stories.
  • Jorge Icaza, Pablo Palacio: vanguardia y modernidad (2013): Co-authored with Alicia Ortega Caicedo, focusing on vanguard and modernity in the works of Icaza and Palacio.
  • Rondando a Jota Jota, antología temática (2013): A thematic anthology about Jota Jota.
  • El ensayo ecuatoriano de entre siglos, antología (2013): An anthology of Ecuadorian essays over the centuries.
  • Sólo ella se llama Marilyn Monroe. Tributo a una diosa (2013): A thematic anthology paying tribute to Marilyn Monroe.
  • Cuerpo adentro: Historias desde el clóset, antología temática (2013): Stories exploring themes of identity and self-discovery.
  • Delaciones postergadas (Antología) (2015): A collection of his selected works.
  • Antología Ecuador-Uruguay. Clásicos de la narrativa ecuatoriana-uruguaya 1900-1950 (2018): Co-authored with Andrés Echevarría, bridging literary works from Ecuador and Uruguay.

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