Roque Espinosa

Academic Background and Professional Journey

Roque Espinosa’s academic path is rooted in a strong foundation of Political and Social Sciences from the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador. He further expanded his expertise with a Master’s in Social Sciences from the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, culminating in a Doctorate in History for Latin America from the Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Sevilla. Espinosa’s educational journey laid the groundwork for a career marked by scholarly excellence and a deep understanding of Latin American socio-political dynamics.

Academic Contributions and Teaching Roles

Espinosa’s influence in academia is multifaceted. As a professor at the Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar, he has significantly contributed to various programs, including Latin American Studies, Cultural Studies, and Management for Social Development. His leadership as President of the Research Committee highlights his commitment to scholarly development. His expertise has led to invitations as a visiting professor and participant in prestigious academic programs across Latin America and Europe, demonstrating his international acclaim and the universal relevance of his work.

Literary Achievements

Espinosa’s literary success, particularly with his fiction work “Me descambias la vida,” which received the prestigious Premio Joaquín Gallegos Lara, highlights his versatility. Celebrated author Abdón Ubidia praised Espinosa’s writing, noting the beautiful narratives in stories like “Desde Lisboa” and “La giralda,” and commending the unity of style, irony, and depth in his texts. Ubidia’s recognition of Espinosa’s unique linguistic challenges, rhythmic prose, and the blend of lyrical explosions with subtle humor in “Me descambias la vida” underscores Espinosa’s exceptional talent in capturing the human experience through fiction.

Scholarly Works and Research

Espinosa’s scholarly contributions provide deep insights into Latin American history and economics. His book “Desmemoria y olvido: la economía arrocera en la cuenca del Guayas 1900-1950” is a testament to his ability to conduct in-depth historical analysis and its broader cultural implications. Other significant works, such as “Hacienda, comunidad y concertaje,” “Parentesco y reproducción en Manabí,” and “Las fronteras con Colombia,” further illustrate his comprehensive understanding of Latin American history and society.

Contribution to Latin American Understanding and Culture

Beyond his publications, Espinosa’s involvement in various research projects and initiatives like the “Programa Colombia y Ecuador, por un pronto y sólido reeencuentro” reflects his dedication to enhancing the understanding of regional dynamics. His efforts in shaping the contemporary narrative of Latin American history and culture extend his influence beyond academia, making him a pivotal figure in the study of this region.


  • Las fronteras con Colombia (First published in 2008)
  • Imágenes en un espejo ciego (First published in 1992)
  • Parentesco y reproducción en Manabí: el caso de Membrillal (First published in 1990)
  • Me descambias la vida (First published in 2006)
  • Desmemoria y olvido: la economía arrocera en la cuenca del Guayas, 1900-1950 (First published in 2014)
  • Haciendas, comunidades y movimiento campesino (First published in 1982)
  • Hacia el mismo anhelado comienzo (First published in 1999)

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