Roberto Ramírez Paredes

Roberto Ramírez Paredes

Roberto Ramírez Paredes (Quito, 1982) is an Ecuadorian author and university professor. His literary journey began with his debut novel “La ruta de las imprentas” in 2015, followed by the critically acclaimed “No somos tu clase de gente” in 2018, which won the Aurelio Espinosa Pólit National Literature Prize. His later works, “Evangelio del detective formidable” (2021) and “Tamia, el universo” (2022), further established him as a prominent figure in contemporary literature. Apart from his novels, Paredes has written for notable Ecuadorian newspapers, including El Comercio and Hoy, and has had his short stories published in various anthologies. Currently, he is sharing his literary expertise and knowledge as a professor at the School of Literature at the University of the Arts (UArtes)in Ecuador.

Early Life and Education

Roberto Ramírez Paredes, born in 1982 in Quito, is an Ecuadorian author. He pursued his higher education in literature at the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador, further enriching his literary prowess by obtaining a Master’s degree in Creative Writing from the renowned Universidad Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona. A lifelong learner, Paredes pursued a Doctorate in Linguistics and Literary Studies from the University of Barcelona.

Literary Career

Paredes’ first novel, “La ruta de las imprentas,” earned an honorable mention in the VI edition of the Sergio Galindo Latin American First Novel Prize in 2012, organized by the Universidad Veracruzana. Published in Mexico in 2015, the novel is a tale of a historian in search of a mysterious German writer attempting to publish a book during World War II.

In 2017, Paredes won the Aurelio Espinosa Pólit National Literature Prize with his novel “No somos tu clase de gente.” The jury recognized the work for its robust allegorical intent, its exploration of the form of commodity, and its inspection of the social relationships it breeds. The plot revolves around consumerism and is set in a traditional neighborhood (inspired by La Ronda), whose inhabitants and businesses resist the opening of a shopping mall at the end of their street.

The author’s prolific career includes several other novels, including “Evangelio del detective formidable” (2021) and “Tamia, el universo” (2022). Each book presents a unique exploration of societal issues, underpinned by Paredes’ signature intricate storytelling and profound understanding of the human condition.

As an Educator

In addition to his writing, Paredes is also a dedicated educator. He has taught at four Ecuadorian universities, currently serving as a faculty member at the School of Literature at the University of the Arts (UArtes). He brings his vast experience as a former sports and cultural journalist, literary text editor for schools, and style corrector for various university and private publishers to his teaching role.

Recognition and Awards

Paredes’ impressive list of accolades extends beyond the Ecuadorian borders. He was a finalist for the 2021 Ignacio Manuel Altamirano International Narrative Prize in Mexico. He has also written short stories, with two of his stories appearing in the anthology “Los que verán: nuevos cuentistas ecuatorianos” by Alejandría Editorial in 2014.



  • La ruta de las imprentas (2015)
  • No somos tu clase de gente (2018)
  • Evangelio del detective formidable” (2021)
  • Tamia, el universo (2022)

Short stories

  • Fábrica de maleante y otras vidas imaginarias


  • Los que verán: nuevos cuentistas ecuatorianos (Alejandría Editorial, 2014).

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