Silvia Stornaiolo

Silvia Stornaiolo Witt

Silvia Stornaiolo Witt (Quito, 1980) is an Ecuadorian novelist and short story writer. She is the author of three short story collections and two novels, including: “Tanta Joroba” (2011) and “Tenga” (2012). Her latest book of short stories is “Facilona” (2020). Her father is the renowned painter Luigi Stornaiolo.


Silvia Stornaiolo speaks about her new book Facilona (2020)

Uploaded to YouTube in 2020

Silvia Stornaiolo interview on Funda Mental #12

Uploaded to YouTube in 2020


Silvia Stornaiolo Witt with her father, the painter Luigi Stornaiolo.

Silvia Anna Stornaiolo Witt is the daughter of Ecuadorian painter Luigi Stornaiolo Pimentel and his wife Nelly Witt Vorbeck.


  • Tenga (2012 novel)
  • Tanta Joroba (novel 2011)
  • Funda mental (2014 stories)
  • Cuerva crios (2010 stories)
  • Facilona (2020 stories)

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