Soledad Córdova

Soledad Córdova

Soledad Córdova, or Soledad Fernández de Córdova (Quito, December 19, 1957) is an Ecuadorian writer of children’s literature, poet, and a librarian. On October 24, 2008 she was appointed director of the Eugenio Espejo National Library of Ecuador, replacing Laura Romo de Crespo. Córdova belonged to the literary workshops of Abdón Ubidia and Diego Velasco. She was a fellow at the Reference Service of the National Library of Spain, and at the General Directorate of Books, Archives and Libraries of the Ministry of Culture of Spain. Her works have received national and international awards.



Soledad Córdova studied philosophy and library science at the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador (PUCE) and the Pontifical Javierian University of Bogota.


  • Poemas de Perros y Gatos (2002)
  • Mi Libro (2003)
  • El romance de la duermesiempre (2005)
  • Odio los libros (1999)
  • La señora Antuquita (2005)
  • El camino que hacemos juntas mujeres del Chinchaysuyo, Perú-Ecuador (2010)
  • Estoy harta de todos
  • Poemas con crema
  • La Mariposa Azul

Name variations

  • Soledad Fernández de Córdova
  • Soledad Córdova

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