Sonia Guiñansaca

Sonia Guiñansaca

Sonia Guiñansaca (Cuenca, 1989) is a migrant poet, cultural organizer and activist whose work aims for culture equality and social justice, focusing on migrant rights, climate change, LGBTQ+ rights, and gender discrimination. At the age of 5 Guiñansaca migrated to the United States to reunite with her parents in New York City.


Video of Sonia Guiñansaca on #RaceAnd

#RaceAnd is a special 8-part video series produced by Race Forward’s Video Production Specialist Kat Lazo, exploring the many ways that race compounds and intersects with all the other issues faced by people of color. Each video features a different artist, activist, or thinker, sharing their lived experience how race intertwines with their other identities, and how that mix impacts their lives both personally and systemically. Created in 2016.

Taco Talk with Sonia Guiñansaca (Episode 9)

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