Teresa Molina de Muñoz

Teresa Molina de Muñoz (Piñas, August 10, 1888 – Quito, November 24, 1950) was an Ecuadorian poet and educator known for her contributions to the magazine El Hogar Cristiano and her pseudonymous writings as La Orquídea in the newspaper El Universo. Born in Piñas, often referred to as the “Orchid of the Andes,” she received her early education in Catacocha, Loja, before moving to Quito. In Quito, she worked as a teacher at several schools, including Fernández Madrid, Colegio Experimental Simón Bolívar, and Normal Manuela Cañizares. Some of her notable works include “Por el milagro de la Ciencia,” “Mi hijo,” and “La novela de los Salmos.” Her cultural legacy continues through the educational institution named after her in Piñas, Ecuador, and her valuable contributions to literature and education in the province.


Teresa Molina de Muñoz was born on August 10, 1888, in Piñas, Ecuador, and she passed away on November 24, 1950, in Quito. She was a renowned Ecuadorian poetess and educator, whose contributions extended to various literary and educational realms.

Early Life and Education

Teresa Molina was born to Eloísa Cely and Manuel Molina. Her initial education began in Catacocha, Loja. After achieving her high school diploma, she journeyed to Quito, where she embarked on a career in education. She served as an educator in prestigious institutions such as the Fernández Madrid School, the Colegio Experimental Simón Bolívar, and the Normal Manuela Cañizares. This period laid the foundation for her lifelong commitment to education and literature.

Literary Contributions

Teresa Molina de Muñoz’s literary prowess shone brightly in the world of Ecuadorian literature. She made her mark as an articulist for the renowned magazine “El Hogar Cristiano,” sharing her insights and creativity alongside other esteemed authors like Zoila Ugarte de Landívar. Furthermore, she contributed her literary talents under the pseudonym “La Orquídea” for the newspaper “El Universo.” It was through this pseudonym that she affectionately referred to her hometown, Piñas, as the “Orquídea de los Andes,” a name that still resonates with the people of this canton.

Notable Works

Among her many works, some of Teresa Molina’s most notable literary creations include “Por el milagro de la Ciencia,” “Mi hijo,” and “La novela de los Salmos.” These pieces showcased her ability to delve into various themes and emotions, leaving a lasting impact on readers and fellow writers alike.


Teresa Molina de Muñoz’s legacy extends beyond her literary achievements. She was a cultural luminary who enriched the cultural landscape of Ecuador and, in particular, the province of Piñas. Her dedication to education and literature continues to inspire generations of scholars and writers.

Honoring Her Memory

To commemorate her contributions, an educational institution in Piñas proudly bears her name, serving as a reminder of the enduring influence of Teresa Molina de Muñoz.

Selected Works

  • Por el milagro de la Ciencia
  • Mi hijo
  • La novela de los Salmos

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