Mariana Ochoa Loayza

Mariana Ochoa Loayza is an accomplished Ecuadorian historian and writer. Her contributions to historical research and literature have earned her widespread recognition and respect. Notably, her books “Vicente Rocafuerte. Gobernación de Guayaquil 1839 – 1843. Epistolario” (Volumes 1 and 2), “Gobernación de Guayaquil, 1839-1840: Epistolario,” and “Viajeros por El Oro” have become invaluable resources for understanding Ecuador’s history and cultural heritage. Her expertise lies in meticulously compiling and analyzing historical documents, providing profound insights into the lives of prominent figures and transformative eras. Mariana Ochoa Loayza’s dedication to her craft has garnered numerous awards and accolades, cementing her status as a revered figure in Ecuadorian academia and literature. Her enduring legacy ensures that her work continues to enlighten and inspire generations of scholars and readers alike.


Mariana Ochoa Loayza, a prominent Ecuadorian historian and writer, hails from the picturesque canton of Piñas in the province of El Oro. Her significant contributions to the field of historical research and her literary works have left an indelible mark on Ecuador’s cultural heritage. This article delves into her life, notable publications, and the lasting impact of her work.

Personal Background

Mariana Ochoa Loayza was not only an accomplished writer but also a custodian of the Archivo Histórico de Guayaquil. Her dedication to preserving historical records and her commitment to academic excellence were evident throughout her career. She was a distinguished member of the Academia Ecuatoriana de Historia Marítima y Fluvial and a part of the Confraternidad de Historiadores Camilo Destruge.

Notable Publications

1. Vicente Rocafuerte. Gobernación de Guayaquil 1839 – 1843. Epistolario.

In 2004, Mariana Ochoa Loayza achieved a significant milestone with the publication of this two-volume work. The meticulous compilation, editing, and analysis of the literary and personal correspondence of Vicente Rocafuerte, a former president of Ecuador, showcased her scholarly prowess. These volumes, containing 940 transcribed letters, offer readers a profound insight into Rocafuerte’s life, his tenure as the Governor of Guayas province, and his political affiliations. This work is a treasure trove for historians and those interested in the transformative era of Guayaquil.

2. Gobernación de Guayaquil, 1839-1840: Epistolario.

Continuing her exploration of Vicente Rocafuerte’s life and times, Mariana Ochoa Loayza’s “Gobernación de Guayaquil, 1839-1840: Epistolario” dives deeper into the decrees issued during his governorship. This publication provides invaluable historical context for understanding the changes that Rocafuerte brought to the city of Guayaquil.

3. Viajeros por El Oro.

Collaborating with writer José Antonio Quintana García, Mariana Ochoa Loayza produced a remarkable series of volumes titled “Viajeros por El Oro.” This collection of chronicles and narratives explores the journeys of illustrious figures who ventured into the province of El Oro. From colonial times to the present day, the authors shed light on the experiences of individuals such as Franz Theodor Wolf, Eloy Alfaro, and Alcide d’Orbigny. These works not only capture the geography, history, customs, dietary habits, and social relationships of El Oro’s inhabitants but also include testimonies from witnesses of the Peruvian-Ecuadorian War.


Mariana Ochoa Loayza’s enduring legacy lies in her dedication to preserving Ecuador’s historical heritage and her prolific writing. Her meticulous research, particularly in the field of Vicente Rocafuerte’s life and the province of El Oro, has enriched our understanding of these subjects. Her contributions continue to inspire future generations of historians and writers in Ecuador and beyond, ensuring that the past remains a vibrant part of the nation’s identity.

Selected Works

  • Vicente Rocafuerte. Gobernación de Guayaquil 1839 – 1843. Epistolario. Tomo 1 (2004)
  • Vicente Rocafuerte. Gobernación de Guayaquil 1839 – 1843. Epistolario. Tomo 2 (2004)
  • Gobernación de Guayaquil, 1839-1840: Epistolario (Publication year not specified)
  • Viajeros por El Oro (2012)

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