Vicente Espinales Tejena

Vicente Espinales Tejena

Vicente Espinales Tejena (Portoviejo, 1940) is a lawyer, doctor, painter, poet and former president of the Manabí chapter of the House of Ecuadorian Culture. He is cardiologist with a medical degree from the University of Guayaquil and earned a law degree from the Vicente Rocafuerte Secular University. He has also worked as a radio newscaster and as a university professor at the Technical University of Manabí. He has received national and international awards for his poetry.

Crowned poet Vicente Espinales Tejena of Manabí, Ecuador gives a speech at the XIII Verse Recital “Portoviejo es Poesía” (Portoviejo is Poetry)

Uploaded to Youtube in 2013.

Vicente Espinales Tejena recites a poem at the International Day of Museums 8, organized by the House of Ecuadorian Culture

Uploaded to Youtube in 2013.



  • Febrero: poesía (1972)
  • Poesía 76 (1976)
  • El gorrión regresa por sus alas: antología (2001)
  • Viviendo el amor (2003)
  • Párteme el corazón: poesia (2011)
  • Poesía en paralelo cero (2013)


  • Eloy Alfaro y la cultura (1995)

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