Yanna Hadatty

Yanna Hadatty Mora

Yanna Hadatty Mora (Guayaquil, 1969) is an Ecuadorian essayist and short story writer. Haddatty has lived in Mexico since 1992, where she finished her higher education and worked as a professor. She received her doctorate in Ibero-American Literature from the Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), where she later worked as a professor and contemporary literature researcher. She also taught at the University of Sor Juana Cloister and the UAM Xochimilco. She is a full member of Ecuador’s House of Culture and the Executive Secretary of the Association of Ecuadorians in Mexico. She has been a member of Mexico’s National System of Researchers since 2005.

Yanna Hadatty was invited to speak at the academic conference “Zozobra y Los Heraldos Negros en su centenario,” she spoke about the work of Arqueles Vela and his departure from modernism.

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Yanna Hadatty speaks about the Mexican short novel

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Short story

  • Quehaceres postergados (Guayaquil, 1998)


  • Autofagia y narración (Madrid: Iberoamericana, 2003)
  • La ciudad paroxista (México: UNAM, 2009)


Her works have been included in the following anthologies

  • El libro de los abuelos (Guayaquil, 1990)
  • Cuento contigo (Guayaquil, 1993)
  • Antología de narradoras ecuatorianas (Quito, 1997)
  • 40 cuentos ecuatorianos (Guayaquil, 1997)
  • Antología básica del cuento ecuatoriano (Quito, 1998)
  • Nós e os outros. Histórias de diferentes culturas (São Paulo, 2000)

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