Ana Minga

Ana Minga

Ana Minga (Loja, 1984) is an Ecuadorian journalist, poet and short story writer. She has published five books of poetry. Her book entitled “Tobacco Dogs / Perros de Tabaco” (2013) is an English translation of her poems by Alexis Levitin, published in a bilingual edition by Bitter Oleander Press. Her latest and fifth poetry collection, “La Hora del Diablo,” was released in 2018. Her works have been published in Argentina, Mexico, United States, Spain and Italy. She has lived in Quito and currently lives in Cuenca.

Video of Ana Minga reading her poetry

Uploaded to YouTube in 2020.


  • First Prize in short story awarded by the Museum of Fine Arts of Ecuador.
  • On three occasions she was a special guest in the Latin-American Golden Lyre (Lira de Oro Hispanoamericana), her book A espaldas de dios was a finalist in one of the contests.
  • First Prize in short story delivered by the Villa Pedraza Foundation in Spain.
  • First prize in the Grito de Mujer contest in Peru
  • In 2017 she was named one of the most recognized cross-border poets in Latin America by the National Autonomous University of Mexico, UNAM.
  • Finalist in the contest of the National Union of Journalists of Ecuador (UNP) for the best digital report of 2018, for her article entitled “Expedientes P.”



  • Pándemonium (2003)
  • A Espaldas de Dios (2006)
  • Pájaros Huérfanos (2009)
  • Tobacco Dogs / Perros de Tabaco (2013)
  • La Hora del Diablo (2018)

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