Antonio Vidas

Antonio Vidas

Antonio Vidas, pseudonym of Dimas Antonio Garcìa Vinces (Santa Ana, Ecuador, April 25, 1974) is an Ecuadorian poet. His works are deeply rooted in his country, family, and natural surroundings. Residing in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, Vidas explored themes of nostalgia, migration, and the human experience in his poetry. He is the author of at least two poetry books: “El arpa del ceibo en llamas” (2010) and “El náufrago y la isla” (2011). Through his poems, Vidas reflects on his birthplace and invites readers on a journey of introspection and self-discovery.


Dimas Antonio García Vinces, also known as Antonio Vidas, pursued his studies in Literature and Spanish at the Universidad Técnica de Manabí (UTM).


  • El arpa del ceibo en llamas (The Harp of the Ceibo Tree in Flames, 2010)
  • El náufrago y la isla (The Castaway and the Island, 2011)

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