Ramiro Oviedo

Ramiro Oviedo

Ramiro Oviedo (Chambo, Ecuador, 1952) is a renowned poet and writer known for his literary contributions in Ecuador and France. He relocated to France in 1987, where he taught Latin American literature at Université du Littoral. Oviedo has published several acclaimed books. His collection, “Les poèmes du colonel” (2002) won the Trouvères Prize in 2002 and the Claude Sernet Prize in 2004. His captivating writing delves into the existential struggle for meaning in life and the challenges individuals face. Oviedo’s dedication to literature and teaching has made him a prominent figure in the international literary community, shaping the minds of aspiring writers and contributing significantly to the cultural exchange between Latin America and Europe.

Ramiro Oviedo: Ecuadorian Poet and Writer Bridging Cultures between France and Ecuador

Ramiro Oviedo is an Ecuadorian poet and writer, born in Chambo, Ecuador, in 1952. He has worked as a professor emeritus of Latin American literature and Hispanic culture at the Université du Littoral Côte d’Opale in Boulogne-sur-Mer, France. Oviedo has made significant contributions to the literary world through his poetry collections and anthologies published in Ecuador and France.

Oviedo’s literary journey began during his high school years when he discovered French literature, which captivated him and left a lasting impression. He made the decision to move to France when the political situation in Ecuador became complicated, with the aim of establishing a common connection with the country he had fallen in love with through its literature.

Upon his arrival in France in 1987, Oviedo faced many challenges and found it difficult to adapt. However, he persevered and continued his literary adventure in the country that had captured his heart.

Throughout his career, Oviedo has published numerous poetry collections and anthologies in Ecuador and France. Some of his notable works include “Esquitofrenia” (2000), “Les poèmes du colonel” (2002), which received the Trouvères Prize in 2002 and the Claude Sernet Prize in 2004, “Escanner” (2005), “Boca a boca” (2008), “Maleta de mano” (2009), and “Los poemas del coronel Aureliano Buendía” (2013), among others. He has also co-edited “Separar lo blanco de la luz,” a bilingual anthology of Ecuadorian poetry from the 21st century.

In his book, titled “El ring del poeta” (2021), Oviedo explores the parallels between boxing, poetry, and life. He delves into the perpetual struggle to give meaning to life, comparing it to a boxing match where one must be prepared to take punches and sometimes be knocked down, yet also to dodge and evade them.

While Oviedo has primarily focused on poetry throughout his career, he occasionally writes short stories. However, he has expressed his intention to venture into novel writing in the future.

Oviedo’s work has been published by various publishers, including Editions La Chouette Imprévue in France. His contributions as a writer and professor have been highly regarded, and he has made significant efforts to promote Ecuadorian literature through his writings and collaborations.

Overall, Ramiro Oviedo’s literary journey from Ecuador to France has shaped his unique perspective and artistic voice. His poetry reflects his experiences, struggles, and reflections on life, making him a notable figure in both Ecuadorian and international literary circles. Through his dedication to literature and his commitment to sharing his knowledge as a professor, Oviedo continues to make a valuable contribution to the world of letters.


The book “Fauves” (Wild Beasts), written by the Ecuadorian poet Ramiro Oviedo and published by Ediciones Corps Puce in France in the French language, was presented at the Cervantes Institute of Paris. The event was organized in collaboration with the Embassy of Ecuador in France. Additionally, Ramiro Oviedo had the opportunity to be a guest on the program Escala in Paris, which airs on RFI and France 24, hosted by Jordi Batallé. Uploaded to YouTube in 2018.
The Ecuadorian poet Ramiro Oviedo has recently released a translated version of his book ‘El ring del poeta’ (The Poet’s Ring) titled “Le búho inesperado” through the French publishing house ‘La chouette imprévue.’ In this book, he boldly challenges the conventional notions of poetry with a powerful and unapologetic approach. Uploaded to YouTube in 2021.
Ramiro Oviedo appeared on the program “Ecuador Puertas Adentro” on EcuaRed, as a member of the Alteridad School. Uploaded to YouTube in 2022.
The Cervantes Institute of Paris has just presented, in collaboration with the Embassy of Ecuador in France, the poetry collection “Fauves” (Wild Beasts). Its author, Ramiro Oviedo, an Ecuadorian poet based in France, is on “Escala en París” to discuss the importance of literature, what it means to be a poet, and his journey in France. Uploaded to YouTube in 2018.

Selected works

In Spanish

  • Serpencicleta (1995)
  • Esquitofrenia (2000)
  • Escanner (2005)
  • Boca a boca (2008)
  • Maleta de mano (2009)
  • Los poemas del coronel Aureliano Buendía (2013)
  • El ring del poeta (2021)

In French

  • Hiéroglyphe (1997)
  • Semaine Sante (1998)
  • Fanesca (1999)
  • Les poèmes du colonel (2002) – Winner of the Trouvères Prize in 2002 and the Claude Sernet Prize in 2004

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