George Perdomo Rodríguez

George Perdomo Rodríguez

George Perdomo Rodríguez (Muisne, Esmeraldas, 1952) is an Ecuadorian writer and poet. After leaving his homeland, he settled in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. Through his literary works, he explores themes of immigration, capturing the struggles, aspirations, and emotions of those who leave their homeland in search of a better life. George Perdomo Rodríguez’s writing reflects his own experiences and offers a profound understanding of the human condition, resonating with readers both in Ecuador and Spain. “His books include: Balada del emigrante,” “Los sueños de las palomas,” “Saga de emigrantes,” “Senderos de Espumas,” “Isla de Ensueños,” among others.


He is the son of Olmedo Perdomo Franco and Dora Rodríguez España. He has eight siblings.


  • Balada del emigrante (Ballad of the Emigrant) – 2002
  • Los sueños de las palomas (The Dreams of Doves)
  • Saga de emigrantes (Saga of Immigrants)
  • Senderos de Espumas (Foam Trails)
  • Isla de Ensueños (Island of Dreams)

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