Carlos A. Rolando

Carlos Alberto Rolando Lobatón

Carlos Alberto Rolando Lobatón (Guayaquil, September 13, 1881 – Guayaquil, January 5, 1974) was a doctor, writer and bibliographer. In 1925 Rolando was appointed director of the library at the University of Guayaquil and also became a numerary member of the National Academy of History. In 1930 he founded the Guayaquil Historical Research Center. The National Authors Room of the Municipal Library of Guayaquil bears his name.


He was born to Juan Bautista Rolando Chico y de Ursulina Lobatón in Guayaquil, Ecuador on September 13, 1881.


He attended high school at the San Vicente School (now named the Vicente Rocafuerte School) with a major in philosophy and literature. Once graduated, he traveled to Quito to enter the School of Chemistry and Pharmacy. He graduated as a doctor on November 6, 1905. A year later he entered the University of San Marcos in Lima, Peru for post-graduate studies.

He was a member of the following institutions

  • Director of the Historical Research Center of Guayaquil
  • Numerary Member of the National Academy of History
  • Corresponding Member of the Geographical and Historical Studies Center of Azuay
  • Founding Member of the American Academy of History of Buenos Aires.
  • Corresponding Member of the Society for American Studies of Quito

He shared his personal library with the city of Guayaquil

On May 24, 1913, he made his personal library available to the Guayaquil public. It was made up of more than 1,300 books, 3,200 brochures in 200 volumes, 712 newspaper and magazine collections with more than 40,000 copies and 3,800 loose pages. For this generous gesture the Municipality of Guayaquil conferred on him a Gold Medal. At this time he prepared and published his “Catalog of the National Bibliography of Dr. Carlos A. Rolando,” for which he was made a Corresponding Member of the Society for American Studies of Quito.


This is a partial list of his bibliographic works.

  • Apuntes de Química Médica (1918)
  • Cronología del Periodismo Ecuatoriano y Pseudónimos de la Prensa Nacional (1920)
  • Bibliografía del sabio Luis Pasteur (1922)
  • Obras Públicas Ecuatorianas (1930)
  • Don Juan León Mera (1932), read it for free here.
  • Don Juan Montalvo (1932)
  • Los Centenarios de 1933 (1933)
  • Catálogo de la Exposición de Libros de la Biblioteca de Autores Nacionales Carlos A. Rolando (1938)
  • Almanaque Masónico Ecuatoriano (1940)
  • Bibliografía Catequista del Ecuador (1941)
  • Las bellas letras en el Ecuador (1944), read it for free here.
  • Crónicas del Periodismo Ecuatoriano desde 1850 hasta 1869 (1947)
  • Historia de la Sociedad Filantrópica del Guayas (1949)
  • Bibliografía, Clasificación Decimal, Melvin Dewey (1951)
  • Bibliografía Médica Ecuatoriana (1953), co-written with José Ramón Boloña Rolando and Ignacio Jurado Avilés.

Name variations

  • Carlos A. Rolando
  • Carlos Alberto Rolando
  • Carlos Rolando Lobatón
  • Carlos Alberto Rolando Lobatón

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