Carlos Benavides Vega

Carlos Benavides Vega

Carlos Benavides Vega, pseudonym: Álvaro San Félix (Guayaquil, March 9, 1931 – Quito, September 29, 1999) was an Ecuadorian poet, actor and playwright. He was a member of Club 7, a Guayaquil-based poets’ group founded in the 1950s. In 1954, Benavides was among one of five members who together published a poetry collection titled “Club 7.” He was a pioneer of historical drama, authoring the plays, “La herida de Dios” (1978; winner of the Aurelio Espinosa Pólit Prize) about Gabriel Garcia Moreno, “Espejo, elias Chushig” (1979), and “Caudillos en llamas” (1980). He also co-wrote “Una loca Estrella,” a historical play about Manuelita Sáenz, with Pedro Saad Herrería.

Club 7

In the 1950s Benavides Vega was a member of a group called “Club 7,” which was made up of seven young local poets:

  • Carlos Benavides Vega
  • David Ledesma Vásquez
  • Ileana Espinel
  • Miguel Donoso Pareja
  • Gastón Hidalgo
  • Charles Abadíe Silva
  • Sergio Román Armendáriz

Donoso and Abadíe abandoned the group after learning that Benavides and Ledesma were homosexuals.

Partial list of works


Benavides’ best known plays are:

  • Las ranas del mar (1962)
  • Un caballo para Elena (1976)
  • La herida de Dios (1978)
  • Espejo, Alias Chushig (1979)
  • Caudillo en llamas (1980)


Club 7 (1954)

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