Carlos Benavides Vega

Carlos Benavides Vega

Carlos Benavides Vega, pseudonym: Álvaro San Félix (Guayaquil, March 9, 1931 – Quito, September 29, 1999) was an Ecuadorian poet, actor and playwright. One of the pioneers of historical drama, he wrote “La herida de Dios” (1978; winner of the Aurelio Espinosa Pólit Prize) about the historical figure of Gabriel Garcia Moreno, “Espejo, elias Chushig” (1979), and “Caudillos en llamas” (1980). With Pedro Saad Herrería he wrote “Una loca estrella,” a historical play about Manuelita Sáenz.

Club 7

In the 1950s Benavides Vega was a member of a group called “Club 7,” which was made up of seven young local poets:

  • Carlos Benavides Vega
  • David Ledesma Vásquez
  • Ileana Espinel
  • Miguel Donoso Pareja
  • Gastón Hidalgo
  • Charles Abadíe Silva
  • Sergio Román Armendáriz

Donoso and Abadíe abandoned the group after learning that Benavides and Ledesma were homosexuals.

Partial list of works


Benavides’ best known plays are:

  • Las ranas del mar (1962)
  • Un caballo para Elena (1976)
  • La herida de Dios (1978)
  • Espejo, Alias Chushig (1979)
  • Caudillo en llamas (1980)


Club 7 (1954)

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