Carlos Eduardo Jaramillo

Carlos Eduardo Jaramillo

Carlos Eduardo Jaramillo Castillo (Loja, 1932) is an Ecuadorian poet, lawyer, and former minister judge of the Supreme Court of Justice. His major works include: “Escrito sobre la arena, 150 poemas” [Written on the sand, 150 poems] (1960), “La Trampa” [The Trap] (1964), “Maneras de vivir y de morir” [Ways to Live and Die] (1965), “La noche y los vencidos” [The Night and the Vanquished] (1967) and “Las desvelaciones de Jacob” [Jacob’s Revelations] (1970). He was on the General Board of the House of Ecuadorian Culture, representing Guayas. He was also the institution’s deputy director. He was awarded the Eugenio Espejo Prize in Literature in 2007 by the President of Ecuador.

Legal career

He studied law in the city of Loja where he was born. Later, at the age of 28, he moved to Guayaquil to practice law. In his career as a jurist, he became a minister judge of the Superior Court of Justice.


  • Escrito sobre la arena (1955)
  • 150 poemas (1961)
  • La Trampa (1964)
  • Maneras de vivir y de morir (1965)
  • La noche y los vencidos (1967)
  • Las desvelaciones de Jacob (1970)
  • El hombre que quemó sus brújulas (1970)
  • Las desvelaciones de Jacob (1970)
  • Una vez la felicidad (1972)
  • Crónica de la casa, los árboles y el río (1973)
  • Viaje al planeta Eurídice (1973)
  • Perseo ante el espejo (1974)
  • Veinte años de poesía (1979 and 1985)
  • Blues de la calle Loja (1990)
  • Canciones levemente sadomasoquistas (2000)

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