Carmen Acevedo Vega

Carmen Acevedo Vega

Carmen Acevedo Vega de Idrobo (Guayaquil, July 16, 1913 – Guayaquil, April 28, 2006) was an Ecuadorian poet, short story writer and journalist. Acevedo is known for composing works on social themes and protest, through sensitive, rhythmic and lyrical verses.

Personal life

In 1945 Carmen Acevedo Vega married Vicente Idrovo Valdivieso. They had a son named Luis Galo Idrovo Acevedo. They divorced in 1953.


  • In 1952 she received the “Ondas Azuayas” radio station’s Poetry Recital Contest Prize.
  • In 1973 the Municipality of Guayaquil awarded her the “Medal for Literary Merit” in recognition of her cultural and educational work.
  • In 1976 the program Antena Pedagógica named her “Teacher of the Year”.
  • In 1996 she was awarded the First Class Cultural Merit Award, issued by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Ecuador.


  • Camino sin Retorno (1953)
  • Espacio y Luz (1961)
  • Latitud Amarga (1968)
  • Lauros de Guayaquil (1973)
  • En los Horizontes del Paisaje Azul (1978)
  • Perfiles Humanos
  • Alba Eterna
  • Páginas de Ayer
  • Parcela Azul
  • Cantos Dispersos
  • Poemas Nada Más
  • En el Peregrinaje

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