Club 7 (Group of poets from 1950s Ecuador)

Club 7 (1951-1962) was a group of poets formed in Guayaquil, made up of David Ledesma Vázquez (1934-1961), Gastón Hidalgo Ortega (1929-1973), Carlos Benavides Vega (1931-1999), Ileana Espinel Cedeño (1934-2001), Sergio Román Armendáriz (1934), Charles Abadíe Silva, and Miguel Donoso Pareja. CLUB 7 was never a political organization, but its members all shared democratic-progressive views. After learning that Ledesma and Benavides were homosexuals, Donoso and Abadie left the group. The remaining 5 members published a poetry collection titled “Club 7”  in 1954.


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