Eduardo Solá Franco

Eduardo Solá Franco

Eduardo Solá Franco (Guayaquil, Ecuador 1915 – Santiago, Chile, 1996) was a prolific and multi-faceted artist, perhaps the most diverse Ecuador has ever produced. His staggering output included not only hundreds of paintings in a variety of styles but also sculpture, illustrations for magazines and film, stage scenery, plays, poetry and novels, choreographed ballets, award-winning experimental films and, perhaps most intriguing of all, a series of 14 illustrated diaries in which he recorded, “all that which I saw of interest and that attracted me: people, landscapes, cities, states of being, spectacles, parties, and fashion.” He was also a public figure, he served for years as Ecuador’s cultural attache in Rome, mingling with artists, thinkers, and society figures of Europe, the United States, and South America.


Selected works

On the occasion of the centenary of the birth of the artist Eduardo Solá Franco (Guayaquil, 1915 – Santiago de Chile, 1996), his Illustrated Diaries produced between 1935 and 1988 were published in 2015 under the imprint of the newly established publishing house EACHEVE.
  • Caminos obscuros y el silencio (1947)
  • Latitud 0°. [Novela] (1958)
  • Del otro lado del mar (1960)
  • Tibio día para marzo (1970)
  • Reflexiones
  • Desde lejanas playas
  • Ningún viajero regresa
  • Diario de mis viajes por el mundo
  • Eduardo Solá-Franco: el teatro de los afectos
  • Gauguin: obra de teatro en dos actos

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