Felix Valencia

Felix Valencia Vizuete

Felix Valencia Vizuete (Latacunga, August 31, 1886 – Quito, January 3, 1919) was an Ecuadorian poet often called the “Poet of Sorrow.” During his lifetime he published the books “Cantos de vida y muerte” [Songs of Life and Death] (1911) and “La epopeya de San Mateo” [The Epic of Saint Matthew] (1914). In 1934, his friend, writer and journalist Alejandro Andrade Coello, published “Los poemas del dolor” (Poems of Sorrow), a posthumous collection of his poems. Valencia’s life and work were marked by loneliness, misanthropy and melancholy.


He was born to Pedro Valencia and Dolores Vizuete on August 31, 1886, both from Latacunga.


With very limited economic means, his parents managed to get him to finish primary education in Latacunga, then he went to Quito to study high school, graduating from Colegio Mejia in 1908. His parents died and he was left alone at a young age.

The Decapitated Generation

Valencia has been listed by some scholars as a member of the so-called “Decapitated Generation,” since his poetry had many similarities with the style of that poetic movement. In addition, his life is a testimony of the pain, madness and despair, typical of that generation. However, while a contemporary of that group, Valencia is largely unknown in comparison to Medardo Ángel Silva, Noboa y Caamaño, Arturo Borja and Humberto Fierro.


His hometown has honored him by giving his name to one of its main streets, a new urbanization and a school. In 1924 the “Felix Valencia” Musical Literary Center was established in Quito. In 1966, the Literary Group “Galaxia” of Latacunga, erected a Cenotaph in his memory in the town’s General Cemetery.


Valencia died in Quito on January 3, 1919.


  • Los poemas del dolor (1934)
  • Cantos de vida y muerte (1911)
  • La epopeya de San Mateo (1914)

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