Francisco Granizo Ribadeneira

Francisco Granizo Ribadeneira

Francisco Granizo Ribadeneira (Quito, November 8, 1925 – January 21, 2009) was an Ecuadorian poet, professor and diplomat. He was a professor at Ecuador’s Central University and the director of the House of Ecuadorian Culture’s radio station. He published several poetry books, including “Por el breve polvo” (1948), “La piedra” (1958), “Nada más el verbo” (1969), “Muerte y caza de la madre” (1978), “Sonetos del amor total” (1990) and “El sonido de tus pasos” (2005). He also wrote a verse drama, “Fedro” (2005). In 2001, he published his only novel, “La piscina,” for which he received the Joaquín Gallegos Lara Prize for best novel of the year. Through the protagonists Fernando and Lilí, the book examines loneliness and the impossibility of finding love, two frequent themes in Granizo’s works.

Selected Poetry Books

  • Por el breve polvo (1948)
  • La piedra (1958)
  • Nada más el verbo (1969)
  • Muerte y caza de la madre (1978)
  • Sonetos del amor total (1990)
  • El sonido de tus pasos (2005)
  • Fedro (2005)


  • La piscina (2001)

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