Guayaquil of My Loves by Lauro Dávila Echeverría

Guayaquil of My Loves

You are the pearl that emerged
from the greatest and unknown sea,
and if to the tune of its lullaby
you transformed into a garden;
sovereign in its endeavors
our God formed a paradise
with your beautiful Guayaquil;
Guayaquil of my dreams.

If to your blondes and brunettes,
who go mad with passion,
their hearts beat
to alleviate black sorrows
with their green eyes like seas
or in the black nightfall,
they always impose their will
Guayaquil of my songs.

Because you have the princesses
who fascinate to behold
and who intoxicate to kiss
with their cherry lips,
I claim from you the sweetnesses
with which I yearn to live,
to never suffer again;
Guayaquil of my tenderness.
And upon beholding their green eyes
where my soul longs to be
imprisoned like the sea
or as I sink, on my knees,
in the nights with gleams
that their black eyes are,
my heart will tell you:
Guayaquil of my loves…

Translator’s Notes: Growing up in the vibrant city of Guayaquil, “Guayaquil of My Loves” was a cherished anthem that echoed through the streets and hearts of its residents, including mine. Lauro Dávila Echeverría‘s timeless composition, recorded on July 19, 1930, in New York City, captures the deep pride and affection felt for Guayaquil. Since its recording, the song has been performed by countless singers, including the famed Julio Jaramillo. As a foundational member of the National Union of Musicians, Dávila’s legacy as a poet, songwriter, and teacher endures, his contributions celebrated through his enduring masterpiece. This translation is a tribute to the enduring spirit of Guayaquil and the indelible mark left by Dávila’s artistry.

Original Spanish Version

Guayaquil de mis amores

Tu eres perla que surgiste
del mas grande e ignoto mar,
y si al son de su arrullar
en jardin te convertiste;
soberana en sus empeños
nuestro Dios formo un pensil
con tus bellas Guayaquil;
Guayaquil de mis ensueños.

Si a tus rubias y morenas,
que enloquecen de pasion
les palpita el corazon
que mitiga negras penas
con sus ojos verdes mares
o de negro anochecer,
siempre imponen su querer
Guayaquil de mis cantares.

Porque tienes las princesas
que fascinan al mirar
y que embriagan al besar
con sus labios de cerezas,
te reclamo las dulzuras
con que anhelo yo vivir,
para nunca mas sufrir;
Guayaquil de mis ternuras.
Y al mirar sus verdes ojos
donde mi alma anhela estar
prisionero cual el mar
o al hundirme ya, de hinojos,
en las noches con fulgores
que sus ojos negros son,
te dira mi corazon:
Guayaquil de mis amores…

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