Ikah Gabriela Loayza

Ikah Gabriela Loayza

Ikah Gabriela Loayza (Quito, Ecuador, 1988) is an Ecuadorian writer and scriptwriter, known for her contributions to various forms of media. She holds degrees in Journalism and a Master’s in Fiction Scriptwriting. Loayza has collaborated with several national production companies as a scriptwriter, writer, and translator for projects spanning fiction, documentaries, and advertising. Her teaching experience includes courses in creative writing and scriptwriting at various institutions. She also co-wrote the web series “Kronos: guardianes del tiempo” and contributes to the YouTube channel “La Fábrica del Ocio,” where she offers literary advice. A well-rounded creative, Loayza has spent time studying at the University of Wisconsin-Richland and the Pontifical University of Salamanca. Her latest book, “El beso de la sirena vampiro,” showcases her talent in the young adult fantasy genre and was published in 2019 by Eskeletra Editorial.


Ikah Gabriela Loayza is a multifaceted writer with an impressive portfolio that spans across genres and mediums. Born in Quito, Ecuador in 1988, Loayza has built a solid career in the field of creative writing, scripting, and journalism. Throughout her career, she has utilized her storytelling skills to captivate audiences, whether it’s through her penned novel “El beso de la sirena vampiro” or her screenwriting endeavors.

Education and Early Career

Loayza’s academic background laid a strong foundation for her creative journey. She completed her education in Narrative Writing at Escuela de Escritores in Madrid, focusing on the art and craft of creative writing. She further specialized in scriptwriting with a Master’s in Fiction Scriptwriting for Cinema and TV from the Pontifical University of Salamanca. Her early exposure to liberal arts through a certificate in Fine Arts and Humanities from the University of Wisconsin-Madison further enriched her creative perspective.

Loayza began her professional journey as a journalist for Diario El Comercio, where she spent three years honing her narrative and reporting skills. This phase of her career served as an incubator for her future creative endeavors, providing her with essential insights into storytelling and audience engagement.

Venture into Scriptwriting and Creative Writing

Loayza’s career trajectory took a significant turn when she ventured into scriptwriting. She has served in key scriptwriting roles for various entities, including DYNAMO CREATIVE LLC and Touché Films. Her work with Touché Films led her to co-create the web series “Kikirimiau,” contributing significantly to its first season.

Freelancing as a scriptwriter since 2013, Loayza has demonstrated her versatility and commitment to her craft. She was also associated with Levector Tienda de Filmacion as a scriptwriter, emphasizing her adaptability across different production contexts.

Literary Contributions

One of Loayza’s most significant contributions to the literary field is her novel, “El beso de la sirena vampiro,” published by Editorial Eskeletra in 2019. This young adult fantasy novel stands as a testament to her imaginative storytelling and vivid character development. Additionally, her stint with Editorial Eskeletra for over a year further allowed her to delve deeper into the literary world.


Ikah Gabriela Loayza’s remarkable journey through journalism, scriptwriting, and authorship underlines her versatile talents in the realm of creative writing. Her capacity to craft engaging narratives, whether for print or screen, has set her apart in the contemporary literary and entertainment industry. Her multifaceted career underscores the breadth of her skills and the depth of her creative vision.


El beso de la sirena vampiro (Eskeletra Editorial. 2019)

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