Iván Égüez

Iván Égüez

Iván Égüez (Quito , 1944) is an Ecuadorian writer. He has written 7 novels, 7 short story books, and 6 poetry books. His novel La Linares was the first recipient of the Aurelio Espinosa Pólit Prize in 1975. By then he was already well known nationally and internationally for his poetry books.

Controversy surrounding Égüez’s novel La Linares and the Aurelio Espinosa Pólit National Literature Prize

Controversy ensued when the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador, which awards the prize, announced La Linares as the prize’s winner, because the book’s main protagonist is a prostitute. It has since gone through a dozen editions nationally and internationally and has been translated into several languages.

Iván Égüez interviewed in 2017 (Spanish audio)

Iván Égüez is interviewed by Carlos Rabascall on April 18, 2017 (Spanish audio).

A discourse on Ecuadorian literature and culture with Iván Eguez and Eliécer Cardenas, 2015 (Spanish audio)

In this video Iván Eguez is joined for a discourse on Ecuadorian literature and culture by another Ecuadorian writer, Eliécer Cardenas, who wrote the renowned novel Polvo y ceniza (1978). Iván Eguez and Eliécer Cardenas produced their best known works in the 1970s.
Occasion name: “La noche cúbica”
Location: The House of Ecuadorian Culture.
Date: March 27, 2015.

List of Works


  • La Linares (1975)
  • Pájara la memoria (1985) – read a preview for free here.
  • El poder del gran señor (1985)
  • Sonata para sordos (1999)
  • Letra para salsa con final cortante (2005)
  • Imago (2010)
  • Malabares en su tinta (2013)

Short Stories

  • El triple salto (1981)
  • Anima pávor (1990)
  • Historias leves (1995)
  • Cuentos inocentes (1996)
  • Cuentos fantásticos (1997)
  • Cuentos gitanos (1997)
  • Conciencia Breve (2009)


  • Calibre catapulta (1969)
  • La arena pública y lo que era es lo-que-era (1972)
  • buscavida rifamuerte (1975)
  • Poemar (1981)
  • El olvidador (1992)
  • Libre amor (1999)

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