Lupe Rumazo

Lupe Rumazo

Lupe Rumazo Cobo is an Ecuadorian novelist, short story writer, essayist and literary critic. She was born in Quito on October 14, 1933. Her father was the writer Alfonso Rumazo González. Her books have been prologued by authors such as Ernesto Sábato, Juana de Ibarbourou, and Benjamín Carrión. She is a member of the Ecuadorian Academy of Language, the House of Ecuadorian Culture, and the Circle of Venezuelan Writers. Since 1973 she has lived in Venezuela.

Lupe Rumazo interviewed about her father: the writer Alfonso Rumazo González

Video uploaded to YouTube in 2015.

Conversation between Lupe Rumazo and Juan David Correa

Conversation via video conference 2020



In 2020, Rumazo announced that her “Escalera de piedras” trilogy would be a tetralogy, with the third novel, Escalera de piedras, and a fourth novel, Temporal La última llave del Destino, in the works of being published

  • Carta larga sin final (1978)
  • Peste blanca, peste negra (novel) (1988)
  • Escalera de piedra
  • Temporal La última llave del Destino

Short stories

  • Sílabas de la tierra (1964)


  • En el lagar (1961)
  • Yunques y crisoles americanos (1967)
  • Rol beligerante (2003)
  • Vivir en el exilio, tallar en nubes (1992)
  • Los Marcapasos (2011)
  • Documentos prescindibles e imprescindibles y Temporal
  • Vida y Obra de Alfonso Rumazo González

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