Magaly Vanégas Coveña

Magaly Vanégas Coveña (Cuenca, 1953) is an Ecuadorian poet, short story writer, journalist, philologist and teacher. Following her studies at the University of Cuenca, she received a scholarship to study at the Pushkin State Russian Language Institute in the former Soviet Union, as well as at the Faculty of History and Philology at Moscow University. She has taught Spanish at Moscow University and Russian at Cuenca’s Ecuadorian-Soviet Cultural Institute. She is currently a teacher at the Manuel J. Calle National School in Cuenca. She is a member of the Ibero-American Poetry Academy in Cuenca. Her poems are known for their short verses and themes of absence, loneliness, nostalgia, and simple things in nature, for example: “A bird / has hung its nest / in the shadow / of a balcony” (from Espejos de la imaginación, 2000).


Poemas, Cuenca, 1991
Erranza (poems and stories), Cuenca, 1993
Reflejos (poems), Cuenca, 1994
De sombras y luces (poems and stories), Cuenca, 1996
Anclada en las sombras (poems and stories), Cuenca, 1998
Naves del viento (poems), Cuenca, 1999
Espejos de la imaginación, Cuenca, 2000
Centinela de las cenizas, Cuenca, 2001
Soledad de piedra, Cuenca, 2002
Los puentes de Zártmont, Cuenca, 2003
Las fuentes de Cirien, Cuenca, 2003.

Books co-authored

Antología del Grupo Cultural La Palabra, Cuenca, 1990
Poesía y cuento ecuatorianos. Antología temática, Cuenca, 1998
Inventario Relacional de la Poesía en español 1951-2000, Madrid, 2001
Oriflama, Madrid, 2004.

Books she has collaborated on

Los Amigos y Teodoro, Cuenca, 2004

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