María del Carmen Garcés

María de Carmen Garcés

María del Carmen Garcés is a writer, translator, journalist and historian. She was born in Latacunga in 1958. She has lived in Bolivia, Argentina, United States, Cuba and Chile. One of her best known books is Conversaciones con Pombo: Combatiente de la guerrilla del Che en Bolivia (2011), about her conversations with Harry Villegas Tamayo, aka Pombo, a guerilla fighter who accompanied the revolutionary Che Guevara in Bolivia.

Interview with María del Carmen Garcés 50 years after Che Guevara’s death


Short stories

Mírame a los ojos (Quito, 1995)

Non Fiction

La guerrilla del Che Guevara en Bolivia (1997)

Her short stories have been included in the following anthologies:

La fruta mordida (Quito, 1994)

Antología de narradoras ecuatorianas (Quito, 1997)

Antología básica del cuento ecuatoriano (Quito, 1998).

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