Manuel Belisario Moreno

Manuel Belisario Moreno

Manuel Belisario Moreno (Loja, 18?? – 1917) was an Ecuadorian writer and priest. Belisario Moreno is best known as the author of the novel Naya o La Chapetona (1900). He is the father of the sculptor Alfredo Palacio Moreno (1912-1998) and the grandfather of the former Ecuadorian President Alfredo Palacio González (in office 2005-2007).


In 2004 the municipality of Zamora, Ecuador constructed, and placed in the center of town, a monument of “Naya o la Chapetona” the protagonist of the novel of the same name. The mayor Eugenio Reyes announced that the design of the monument was created by the sculptor Luis Viracocha of Quito. The monument is approximate 6 meters in height.


  • Naya o La Chapetona (1900), read it for free here.

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