Maria Cecilia Corella

Maria Cecilia Corella

Maria Cecilia Corella Ramírez (Daule, September 9, 1967) is an Ecuadorian writer, poet, and cultural promoter. She has authored five books: “Poesías amatorias,” “Poemas Corellanos,” “La voz de los Daulis,” “Versos caminantes,” and “Daulis.” From 1985 to 2015, she was the editor of La Voz de los Daulis, a literary, historical, and cultural magazine. She hosts a local cultural TV show Viernes de Cultura y literatura on DV Daule Vision. She is presently the president of the Corporación Cultural Daule, whose cultural event, Sofá Cultural, aims to promote Daule’s literature, dance, music, and other local art forms. She is a member of the World Hispanic Union of Writers and the Union of Writers and Artists of Tarija.


She was born to Wilfrido Corella Arreaga and María Ramírez Pilaló in Daule, Ecuador on September 9, 1967. She has three children: Rosa Elizabeth, Paúl Jesús and José Darío.


She earned her high school degree from the Juan B. Aguirre School with a degree specializing in Social Philosophy. She then studied literature at the Catholic University de Santiago of Guayaquil. In 1996 she earned a Degree in Teaching Catholic Religion.

Cultural Promoter

In 1988, through a puppetry course, the idea was born in her of giving free puppet shows for several local schools, with stories of oral literature from the Daule canton.

In July 2003, she co-founded the Huayra Yacu Daulis Folk Group. And through the friendship with the writer and literary critic Daniel Calero, who in 2003 was Director of the Department of Culture, the Huayra Yacu Daulis Folk Group was legally registered with the Ministry of Education and Culture with ministerial agreement #016. And in 2004 she was coordinator of the folk group and organized the participation of the folk music contest in Quito, obtaining the first prize: “VASIJA DE ORO”.

Since ProCultura Daule’s inception in August 2005, she has participated at its events as a storyteller, reciter and narrator in the Daule canton.


  • Poesías amatorias (2015) Read it for free here.
  • Poemas Corellanos (2016) Read it for free here.
  • La voz de los Daulis
  • Versos caminantes
  • Daulis

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