Pablo Gómez Morán

Pablo Gómez Morán

Pablo Alberto Gómez Morán (Vinces, 1963) is an Ecuadorian writer known for his debut and only published book, “Las guerras de los hijos del sol: Leyendas de los antiguos pueblos andinos y australes” (2018). The book is a captivating retelling of Andean myths, reflecting Gómez Morán’s passion for the ancient cultures of the region. With his imaginative storytelling, he aims to elevate South American mythologies alongside universal mythologies and epic fantasy literature, offering readers a glimpse into the fascinating world of ancient Andean civilizations.

“Las guerras de los hijos del sol”: Exploring Andean Myths

Las guerras de los hijos del sol

Las guerras de los hijos del sol (2018) by Pablo Gómez Morán (Preview)

“Las guerras de los hijos del Sol” (“The Wars of the Children of the Sun”) is a captivating book written by Pablo Gómez Morán, an Ecuadorian author. The book takes us on a journey into the realm of Andean myths, skillfully blending fantasy and literature. Gómez Morán masterfully reimagines the ancient myths of the Andean culture, presenting a cohesive narrative that unveils the creation of the South American world. At the heart of the story is Viracocha, a majestic and powerful figure who shapes the cosmos and life itself. The book delves into the ambitions and conflicts among Viracocha’s children, featuring giants and gods of different hierarchies. It explores significant locations like Tiahuanaco and Lake Titicaca, unraveling the origins of the world and the generations of gods and beings that inhabit it. Through vivid storytelling, Gómez Morán captures the essence of Andean mythology, offering timeless insights into the nature of existence.

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